Heart Waterfall Hike (Seeley Creek Falls) in Crestline, CA

Heart Rock Waterfall, which is also known as Seeley Creek Falls, is located in Crestline, CA at the end of a roughly 1 mile each way hike. The waterfall is beautiful as it stands around 25 feet; however, the true draw of this hike is the fact that the waterfall has an almost perfect cut out of a heart right alongside it. The heart itself looks small in the photos, but could easily hold two adults in each of its halves. This is a little gem nestled in the San Bernardo mountains that I recently stumbled upon on world of waterfalls but had never heard of, even after I had lived in this area of CA for my whole life. At only about a 30 minute drive from the Inland Empire, it is worth checking out, and the hike is easy enough that the whole family can handle it. Read on for photos and how to get there.

Seeley Falls

Getting There

Getting there and starting the hike is a little confusing as there is no signs or markers that point you on your way. I would assume this is why many people have no idea it exists, but if you head up Waterman Ave from Highway 330 you can take it up into the mountains for about 13 miles then get on Highway 138 to Crestline, from there you weave around until you see the sign for Camp Seeley. Turn there, then go to the left away from the parking lot and make your way on this road till it ends. You can park there with your adventure pass and walk down the hill to the swimming pool and the start of the beaten path. When we were there, there were four other cars and after 5 minutes of walking, we passed some families making their way back from the falls. Here is a GPS marker for Camp Seeley if you want to track your route that way, or you can get directions in the map at the bottom of the post.

Camp Seeley

The Trail

The trail is shaded with beautiful trees and foliage and is an interesting walk the entire time. Follow the river until you reach a huge tree that looks like it is from a Harry Potter movie, and you will see the trail split off.

Harry potter tree seeley falls

Heart Rock Waterfall

At this split, head to the right and you will come out right above the falls. From here you can get great views of the heart, and you can even walk out on a ledge to see it better. This is a slightly scary thing to do though as it is a 40-foot drop and the ledge is slanted, so be careful. Explore the different rocks and you should be able to see a view of the heart and waterfall together. The waterfall was going while we were there but it was in no way rushing.

Heart waterfall

After that we walked down to the base of the waterfall, which is beautiful at about 25 feet high, but there is no view of the heart from this angle. We explored waded in the water and checked out the falls from all different angles before returning down the trail.

Slow motion seeley falls

Base of Seeley Falls

To get a sense of the scale you can see the picture below with me in it. I thought it was a lot smaller when I was reading about it online.

Josh above heart rock waterfall

All in all, this is a beautiful hike that is short enough for anyone to do but rewarding enough that you will enjoy your time there. Let me know if you have done this before and check out the rest of the photos in the comments.

Photo Gallery

Get Directions

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  • Arianna

    Totally doing this hike next weekend! Awesome post thanks for the directions!!

  • Prem

    Very easy hike for the whole family; water was flowing in mid July but there was no overflow from the heart; should be great in early spring after the rains; the, entire path was shaded and very green due to the abundance of water in the creek;

    Parts of the trail was not well maintained and it looks like it was not patrolled. People had left trash behind unfortunately; please leave only your footprints and leave the nature pristine; very beautiful and short hike between lake Gregory and lake silvers of on why 138

  • Scott Shelby

    Going to be hiking this trail tomorrow and my google search for directions listed your blog. You have the best directions that I’ve found by far for this trial. Looks pretty cool and not too, ahem, steep.

    • Nice! Glad I could help a brother out! Ya it’s a great trail! I doubt there will be water in the falls cause of how dry it has been but let me know how it goes!

      • Scott Shelby

        The hike went great, lots of shade all the way to the falls. It looked like a portion of the trail may have washed away from the recent storms, but it wasn’t too difficult to get through. Pretty dry at the bottom, I’d like to go in Spring.

  • Louie Mejia

    Went on that hike after seeing your post and pictures, simply loved it. Thank you

    • Wow, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing those with me! I am glad you guys had fun as well!

  • Michelle Acevedo

    My family and I went on this hike after reading this post. It was beautiul. It was perfect for the while family. There was no water,it was all dried up. It was nice and shady through the short hike. Be careful for bees or hornets, about 6 got in my daughters hair. Also there was graffiti near the heart. Very nice place, great directions. Thank you.💙

    • Thanks for the comment and for sharing the photo! Such a bummer there is graffiti there but I am glad you enjoyed the hike