Big Bear Brewery: A Mountain Brewery

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About a month ago I went up to Big Bear to go mountain bike riding. I figured that while I was out there I might as well hit up the brewery and see how their hand crafted beers compared to some of SoCal’s amazing breweries.

The brewery itself is very unassuming. It looks much like a mountain home and is even painted yellow with a small sign. There is a small parking lot that can hold about 6 cars without filling up.

Inside the brewery is relatively small as well. I would say it can hold about 30 people. The staff is friendly and it is a family run business, which is always good to support. They also have a fun collection of signed dollar bills that line the bar area showcasing the fun atmosphere.

Amie and I got the sampler of their 5 beers and sat down to give them a try on the couches next to the jukebox.

Of all the beers I would say the tangerine one was the best for me. It was a really unique flavor and the hint of tangerine made it stand out well. The rest of the beers were very uneventful for me. Now they were not bad, they just really didn’t have anything that really made them stand out.

The sampler was a good price though and if you are looking to see what the brewery has to offer then I would suggest it. I imagine this place has quite a following from the locals and it is really great to see a mountain town like this breaking into the beer scene. If you head up there I recommend the tangerine beer, but I would make sure to add something else to the trip as well while in Big Bear. Get directions and leave me a comment below.

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  • Bob

    Nice. We were up at Big Bear for Oktoberfest last month. I wish I knew about this brewery then :)

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