Desert X Art Show in the Coachella Valley: Finding the Mirror House and 11 Other Exhibits

Desert X is one of those expansive art events that is worthy of the journey it takes to visit all of its unique pieces. This show, if you can call it that, is spaced out all over the Coachella Valley and it features art that you can both see and interact with in new and unique […]

The 14th Factory: A Massive Art Installation in Downtown LA

Created by the artist Simon Birch, the 14th Factory on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles is an innovative art show that has taken over a large, empty industrial warehouse. Inside of that warehouse, artists from all over the world have come together to create a unique and immersive experience. I got a chance to […]

Albany Bulb: Former Landfill in the San Francisco Bay

The Albany Bulb is one of those places that is both awesome and weird at the same time. It reminds me of a place like Glass Beach, where the way that humans have messed with nature has actually created a pretty unique spot. Albany Bulb is a tiny little peninsula on the San Francisco Bay […]

Paradise Ridge Winery In Santa Rosa: Sculpture Gardens, Wine Tasting and Vineyard Walks

Paradise Ridge Winery is one of my favorite wineries I have visited in California. It is located on a beautiful property outside of Santa Rosa, has a full sculpture garden with dozens of massive sculptures and the tasting room sits at one of the best viewpoints in the area. If you are visiting Santa Rosa […]

Glass Blowing Classes at Half Moon Bay Art Glass

I have always found glass blowing to be a fascinating type of art. Basically, you are manipulating glass with fire to melt it into a shape you want it to be in, and doing something like that is just impressive. I didn’t ever think I would do glass blowing myself, but on a recent trip […]

Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum in Joshua Tree

If you follow this site then you know that a spot like this is right up my alley. Noah Purifoy is an artist that I actually first got turned onto when I visited LACMA and saw some of his unique assemblage sculptures that are on display at the museum currently. After further research I found that […]

Chumash Painted Cave State Park in Santa Barbara

Chumash Painted Cave State Park in the mountains that overlook Santa Barbara is a cool stop that will literally take you 15 minutes to see. It probably takes longer to drive up the hill from Santa Barbara then it does to see the state park. That being said, it was great to see how well-preserved the […]

Studios on the Park: Art Viewing & Painting Classes in Paso Robles

Studios on the Park is a great little art gallery right off the main square in downtown Paso Robles. It features many different artists and even has a monthly painting class where you can try it out yourself. I went to explore the art studio and for one of those classes, here is all the […]

LACMA: What to See at Los Angeles Best Museum

As far as museums go, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is one of the better museums you can visit, especially for someone who is not that into historical art. The museum itself has five different buildings, all with unique and crazy modern pieces of art. You could easily spend a half day […]

Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento

Let me start this post by saying I am by no means an art aficionado. I know as much about art as the average person and I just went to this museum because I had heard it was a fantastic spot to visit in the city. This post may cover some of the main things […]