Weed, California: 3,000 People and a Gift Shop

About an hour South of the Oregon border and an hour North of Redding is the small town of 3000 people known as Weed, CA. If you didn’t realize it, the name also has other connotations that lead to it being a popular place for college students to come for an updated Facebook profile picture. The town is fully aware of this and totally plays the name up.

The Weed Store and Gift Shop

I stopped there on a recent drive and figured I needed to go check out the gift shop, one of the most trafficked places in the town, as you can imagine. It really was hilarious as literally everything you can buy played on the name Weed. Check out some of the photos below for some of what you can expect.

Weed Store in California

Inside the Weed gift shop

I had to laugh at the ridiculous of the marketing, I mean someone must have put a lot of time into what they were going to sell here. Take the below picture, Santa Loves Weed mints. Enough to ruin a kids childhood or get a laugh out of twenty something adults.

The store is full of this, it even has a kids corner.

Weed and College Sign

Online I had seen a picture that pointed to Weed one way and to college the other (as the town of Weed does have a small college). The women behind the counter informed me that this sign was no longer there as people stole it every time they put it back up. So if that is what you are looking for then it is no longer available.

What Else Weed, CA Has To Offer

One of the best things about this town was its closeness to the base of Mt Shasta. When we exited the gift shop we could see Shasta right next to us and even with some of the clouds covering it, we still got an amazing view.

Mt Shasta

If you think the above pictures are funny then you would love a stop in Weed, CA on your next road trip; however, if not then you can probably pass on this one. I did get some laughs out of the gift shop though and I was really excited to see such a beautiful view of Shasta, so my time in Weed was well spent. Check out the rest of the photos, get directions and leave a comment below.

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  • Guest

    Imagine my surprise when I looked at the photos and recognized a place I’ve only seen once! But, to do somebody some sort of justice, it was only a couple of months ago, and the merchandise here and there in the store really stood out in my mind. While we were there, I tried hard not to look as though I even knew what all that “I (HEART) WEED” was suggesting. But not a soul even noticed me skulking around–they were too busy hiding in the enticing stacks of signs and printed materials and clothing to be bothered with my guilty meanderings.

  • R. Ellerbe

    “LOVE IT” Me and my girl friend visited The Weed Store on the 14th of Jan. I was bringing a 1937 Chevy pu back to Louisiana that my boss bought in Oregon.I spent 60 dollars on shirts and stickers I would have spent more but my funds were limited. Anyway beautiful country everyone needs to experience weed once in there lives . I can’t wait to return.
    Thanx for letting me respond, R.Ellerbe of Monroe,La.

    • Thanks for the comment and sharing your story with us!

  • Michelle

    This Souvenir store is my old family store, it was a Rock store in Weed , my Aunt Ella Uncle Cliff owned it, it was were I stayed a lot with them ,they had a Moblie home or small house on the side I looked at the location walked around trippy trees r the only thing left and the building ,memories of the town very empty I was about 4- 7 when stayed there , cactus& skunks too loved the Rock store and The Telons shasta mountain secret

    • Thanks for sharing that comment!

    • Bill Blanchard

      Michelle, what was your cousin’s name, the daughter of your aunt and uncle? I worked with her at the Weed McDonald’s briefly. I was asking Stacy Green (one of the current employees there) what her name was. He said that the previous folks (he mentioned their last name, but I forgot what it was), sold the store to the current owners about 10 years ago. I had not realized they had sold it at all. He couldn’t recall the daughter, though.