Mt Whitney Portal Store: A Hikers Paradise

Last weekend we had the opportunity to travel up to Lone Pine and hike Mt. Whitney. While preparing for that epic hike we spent a couple of nights camping to let our bodies acclimate. One of those nights was spent at the Whitney Portal where the awesome Mt Whitney Portal Store resides. This post is simply to […]

Hiking the Mt Whitney Trail: A Photo Guide

I am writing this while sitting in my tent at Trail Camp with the wind blowing 20 MPH. I am trying to take my mind off the bending of my tent for long enough to decide how I am going to create a post that stands out on my successful summit of Mt Whitney, the […]

Portillos: Chicago Style Hot Dogs in Moreno Valley

Believe it or not, from my love of California, I was born in Illinois. Even though I left when I was four, I have been back countless times in my life and have experienced the beautiful food they have there in the form of deep dish pizzas and Chicago style hot dogs. I have yet […]

Five Adventure Trips in Yosemite with the Yosemite Conservancy

When my friend at Yosemite Conservancy asked if I would support them by helping spread the word about their courses I couldn’t resist. Yosemite has a special spot in my heart as it is one of my favorite places in the entire United States. Its beauty is truly unmatched and any organization that spends its […]

Potato Chip Rock: Mt Woodson Summit in San Diego

I love the picture I have seen of people standing on the edge of a thin rock that looked like it will break at any moment. Upon additional research, I found out that the rock as mentioned above is outside of San Diego on top of the Mt Woodson summit. I figured I had to […]

Old Town Sacramento: What Shops, Restaurants & Museums to Visit

Old Town Sacramento is one of those spots that you have to visit at least once. Sure it is touristy and sometimes overpriced, but there is a lot of character in its old streets, saloons, and shops. I have been multiple times and each time I stumble on something new to explore. The shops all […]

Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlet on the 5 Freeway

On a long drive thru the stretch of California known as the Central Valley there are not a lot of great places to stop, minus a couple In and Out Burgers. However, if you make it close to Stockton, you are in for a treat if you stop at the oasis known as the Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlet. This […]

Top Hiking Trails in Southern California

Update: This post now has more then ten hikes – Enjoy and be sure to comment with your favorite hikes! By creating this blog, I am often asked, “What are the top places to hike in Southern California?” While this is a tough question answer, it is petty easy for me to narrow down my […]

War Dogs Memorial at March Air Force Base in Riverside, CA

On a recent trip to March Airforce Base I stumble upon the little gem known as the War Dog Memorial. I was completely unaware that this memorial existed but being a dog lover I figured I would check it out. The memorial itself is in a prominent place between the parking lot and the entry […]

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2012 in Los Angeles

During this time of the year you will often find me doing nerdy things, since two of the coolest times of the year to be a nerd in California fall during the months of June and July and are called Comic Con and E3. I played a lot of video games and read a lot of […]