The Markaz: Middle East Arts Center in LA

The Markaz is an event center, art gallery, bookstore, and library, focused on the Middle East and North Africa. It’s a hidden gem in Los Angeles. The Markaz is open daily from 10AM – 6PM and visitors can browse the library collection, purchase a book from the bookstore, use the WiFi, or order a delicious cup […]

MASH TV Location Hike in Malibu Creek State Park

Southern California is literally choked full of amazing movie locations you can explore. I have written about some of my favorite ones in LA here, but it is not often that you get to combine a beautiful 5 mile hike with the added fun of seeing a filming location for the top watched TV finale of […]

George’s Greek Cafe in Long Beach

When you research food in Long Beach it is not long before someone is recommending George’s Greek Cafe. Located on Pine St right across from The Federal Bar, this restaurant has been serving up amazing meals for decades and does not show signs of slowing down. I love Greek food so I made my way […]

Wayfarers Chapel: Glass Wedding Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes

Nestled in the hills of Ranchos Palos Verdes sits this beautiful glass church known as the Wayfarers Chapel, a place I highly recommend you visit at some point in time. Details Free to enter, assuming a wedding isn’t happening Services at 10 AM on Sunday History After arriving in the small parking lot that overlooks […]

The Federal Bar in Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach is home to a lot of cool spots, and from hipster eateries to trendy clubs there is something for everyone. One of my favorite spots though is the massive old bank that only recently was transformed into a beautiful bar, speakeasy and restaurant. Details Get reservations if you are coming on the weekend Valet […]

Chowder Barge: Fish and Clam Chowder in San Pedro

Located right in the mix of all the shipping containers and massive hauling ships in the San Pedro Harbor is this little gem of a restaurant, situated right on the water, called the Chowder Barge. As the name so eloquently describes, this place is a barge and it serves amazing chowder, here are the details. […]