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I have been traveling California for over 11 years with the goal of sharing all of the beauty the state has to offer. This site gathers all of the hikes, restaurants, road trips, and more that I have found in California. There are over 1,500 posts full of great California adventures and videos to inspire your travels. Start here to make the most of your visit, and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!

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    How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Julian, CA (Full Itinerary)
    City Guides | Southern California

    How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Julian, CA (Full Itinerary)

    Julian, California, is a hidden gem tucked away in the mountains, where time seems to slow down, and fall colors create a magnificent backdrop. It’s an excellent destination for a weekend getaway, filled with charming small-town vibes, crisp autumn air, and mouthwatering apple pies. So grab your hiking boots, pack your flannel shirts, and let…

    Hello, I’m Josh!

    I created this site over a decade ago to document my travels in California. It was just my wife, bulldog, and me exploring as much as possible when it began. We now have twins that go along on many of the adventures with us, and we look forward to introducing them to our favorite California spots.

    Since the site was created, it has been viewed more than 20 million times from countries worldwide and has been written about or mentioned in places like the LA Times and Good Morning America. The site has also expanded to include a YouTube channel where videos of many of these adventures are posted. If you want to learn more about me, click below.

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    Check out ThroughMyLens.com where I write and make videos of places all around the United States, including road trips and national parks.

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