Ladder Canyon & Big Painted Canyon in Mecca

I am always searching for unique new hikes to do in Southern California, especially those with something different than you would expect. So when I heard about Ladder Canyon (yes, I was very late to the game on this one), I quickly set a time to hike it with Chris from the Last Adventurer. This hike […]

San Andres Oasis Trail: Palm Trees Near Salton Sea

Salton Sea really is a unique place. From your first view it is beautiful to see the water and the mountains but as you get closer and see the dead fish and smell the water it is not as beautiful as it was from afar. That being said I still love going out there and I love […]

International Banana Museum: Salton Sea’s Funniest Museum

Salton Sea is home to a lot of unique things such as Salvation Mountain and the mud pots. What you may not know though is that it also houses the famous International Banana Museum as well. I have driven by it many time but it is always closed when I go, just my luck though, […]