Parliament Chocolate: Bean to Bar Shop in Redlands

Parliament Chocolate is a small, new chocolate shop that just opened a couple of months ago in Redlands. Currently this quaint little shop is only selling its chocolates on Saturdays and Sundays but it is hoping to expand to Fridays as well. Since every chocolate is hand crafted, you really need to get there close […]

A La Minute Creamery: Inland Empire’s Best Ice Cream

A La Minute Ice Cream is one of the unique new food places that is taking ice cream to the next level. The brainchild of Chef Ryan Berk, this small little store not only uses local and fresh ingredients, but they also make the ice cream when ordered by adding in Liquid Nitrogen to the ingredients, allowing […]

The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in Redlands

Like many others, I started this new year out with a diet; however, like all good diets, it had to eventually end. For me that end was Tuesday and the one thing I had been craving during the entire month of nothing but veggies was a nice slice of pizza. Enter The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in […]