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Giant Dipper from sea

The Giant Dipper: Pacific Coast Highway’s Most Famous Roller Coaster

Growing up I was a huge fan of roller coasters, you could often find me at Magic Mountain riding everything they had to offer. As I have gotten older though I have … [Read More...]

Featured Trip

Sweet Arleens-4

Sweet Arleen’s Cupcakes in Westlake Village

While staying at the Hyatt in Westlake Village I looked across the street and realized that the 3 time winning Cupcake Wars shop "Sweet Arleen's Cupcakes" was right … [Read More...]

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Malibu Family Wines-16

Malibu Family Wines and Safari: Feed Yaks & Zebras at a Malibu Winery

Located in the hills above Agoura Hills, lies an 1,000 acre winery that is home to one of the only wine safaris I have ever heard of. This, is in addition to the fantastic outdoor seating area and atmosphere they have at their traditional wine tasting counter, makes for fun half day event in the […]

Gardens of the World

Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks

Located in the Conejo Valley, near the different but beautiful Botanical Gardens, sits an amazing spot that showcases the unique plants and gardens from all over the world. This free attraction is a perfect place for a stroll on a date or just to clear your mind and relax in the tranquility the plants provide. The gardens are […]

conejo valley guide

Conejo Valley Guide: Food, Hikes, Museums & Free Attractions

The Conejo Valley is composed of the cities of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, Westlake Willage and Simi Valley with a little Malibu thrown in for fun. Over the years it has been overlooked as a tourist destination but all of that has changed in the last decade; now Conejo Valley is a great […]

Sabor Cocina-10

Sabor Cocina Mexicana in Thousand Oaks

California is home to some of the best Mexican food in the United States. Everything from hole in the wall spots to upscale foodie establishments can be found up and down the state. Sabor Cocina Mexicana falls somewhere right in the middle and it is a great place to be. From the moment you walk […]

Ronald Reagan Library

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library: Air Force One & A Fantastic Museum

Tucked in the hills of Simi Valley, overlooking a beautiful expanse of farmland, sits one of the most amazing presidential libraries in the United States. Not only is it full of information on the history and life of this famous president but it also houses Air Force One which was used to fly everyone from […]

Tifa Gelato-8

Tifa Chocolate & Gelato in Agoura Hills

When I was traveling through Conejo Valley I posted a few pictures on my Instagram and got an immediate comment that said “you must go to Tifa’s for gelato (hat tip to user DevonOfTheShire for the suggestion). Not one to shy away from new places I added it to my list and made the stop for […]


Hugo’s Restaurant: Healthy Food, Green Tea Lattes & Heavenly Sticky Buns

I don’t even know where to start when writing about Hugo’s, it is like every other traditional diner yet completely unlike every other diner as well. Their menu options may look the same but their food is thought through and tweaked to a level of detail you would not expect from a traditional restaurant. They strive […]

Mission Inn-5

Mission Inn: Riverside’s Historic Hotel

The Mission Inn is one of the most famous hotels in California, everyone from presidents to celebrities have graced its grounds. Home to Festival of Lights, one of the best light shows in the USA, and steeped in unique history, it is a fantastic spot for a stay or a visit in Riverside. You can […]

Conejo Valley Botanic Garden-19

Conejo Valley Botanical Gardens

I love visiting new cities and seeing the ways that they create amazing public places for the residents that live there. In Riverside we have the fantastic Mt Rubidoux and in Conejo Valley they have a bunch of spots, but one of the best for a whole family adventure is the botanic gardens. Details Cost […]

walkabout interview

California Trail Blazers Interview: Author Tom Courtney

California Trail Blazers is an idea I had to showcase people from California that are doing unique things for or in the state. If you have a suggestion of someone you think should be featured here please contact me. The first time I heard about Tom Courtney’s book “Walkabout Malibu to Mexico” was after I […]

Goat Canyon Trestle-17

Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge Hike: Worlds Largest Wooden Trestle

Only 15 miles from the Mexico border, in the Southern section of Anza-Borrego sits one of the largest freestanding wooden trestles in the entire world. This bridge is accessible by a 6 mile round trip hike that should NOT be attempted without a lot of research, a GPS, a four-wheel drive car and mental preparation. I would […]

Desert Tower-20

Desert View Tower, Boulder Park & A UFO Retrieval Service

The Desert View Tower is a truly unique piece of California history. This old stone tower was built when the first East to West roads were coming through the area and even has original wood in it that is from that very road. Today you can stop and visit the tower and its corresponding boulder […]

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