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Hipcam Perles Beach

Angel Island State Park: Hikes, History, Beaches & Camping

Angel Island State Park is a spectacular grass and woodland covered mountainous island just a stone’s skip away from the urban mecca that is San Francisco.  With … [Read More...]

Featured Trip

Sierra Buttes Fire Outlook 2

Sierra Buttes Fire Lookout Hike: A Historic Lookout & Crazy Stairs

For over two years this hike has been on my "to do" list but I had not been up to the Tahoe area to do it. The reader digest version of the hike is that it is a 6 … [Read More...]

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cafe momma floras 3

Cafe Momma Floras: Upscale Donuts in Riverside

When I hear about a spot outside of the major metropolitan areas that has a strong donut game it quickly moves up the list of places to visit. Cafe Momma Floras is a small unassuming cafe, in an off the beaten path shopping center, that is doing some fun new things with donuts and has become a place […]

Georges Greek Cafe 2

George’s Greek Cafe in Long Beach

When you research food in Long Beach it is not long before someone is recommending George’s Greek Cafe. Located on Pine St right across from The Federal Bar, this restaurant has been serving up amazing meals for decades and does not show signs of slowing down. I love Greek food so I made my way […]

Whimsic Alley 5

Strangely Awesome Shops in Los Angeles for Unique Gifts

We all know about Rodeo Drive and all the massive and expensive shopping in Beverly Hills, but what about all of the unique and strange shops that must be in a place as big as LA? Have no fear, I have collected just that for you to digest in this blog. From the shops filled […]

Anderson Pea Soup 13

Andersen’s Split Pea Soup in Bulleton

If you have driven Highway 101 as much as I have then you have no doubt seen the sign for Andersen’s World Famous Split Pea Soup hundreds of times. I have passed this place more times than I can count as I have never been a fan of peas in general so I assumed the […]

Alpine Beer Company 3

Alpine Beer Company & Brewery

I always find it amazing when I see where some of the best breweries are located. Sure there are places like Stone and Russian River that are located in a decent area for foot traffic, but there are always ten others that are hidden in some industrial area you must have Google Maps to get […]

linda vista hospital 12

Linda Vista Hospital: Night Visit to the Creepy, Abandoned Hospital

THIS HOSPITAL IS CLOSED. I went to this hospital for a dance recital where we were able to look around. I do not know when it will be open to the public again and do not suggest trying to find a way into it. If you see it open for an event though it is […]

Kelso Depot 12

Kelso Depot: Mojave’s Historical Information Center

In the remote Mojave National Preserve, pretty much the only modern structure is that of the Kelso Depot. Located right in the middle of the park it is a haven of information on the park itself as well as modern bathrooms for its many visitors. It used to even have a restaurant, but unfortunately the […]

Tecate Peak Brewery 6

Tecate Peak & A Trip to Mexico for Tecate Brewery

One of the amazing things about California is that it shares an international border with Mexico. Because of this it is entirely possible to go on a hike in the morning and hop to another country for a beer at the Tecate Brewery and some tacos for lunch, just like Last Adventurer and I did. While I […]

Cat House Rosamond 14

The Cat House: Exotic Tigers, Jaguars & More in Rosamond

First off don’t use Google Maps to get here, use the directions on their site. Now that I have kept any of you from driving down a private unmaintained dirt road like me we can continue the review. The Cat House, also known as The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound is an awesome exotic cat sanctuary […]

Wayfarers Chapel 14

Wayfarers Chapel: Glass Wedding Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes

Nestled in the hills of Ranchos Palos Verdes sits this beautiful glass church known as the Wayfarers Chapel, a place I highly recommend you visit at some point in time. Details Free to enter, assuming a wedding isn’t happening Services at 10 AM on Sunday History After arriving in the small parking lot that overlooks […]

Brown Butter Cookie Company 3

Brown Butter Cookie Company in Cayucos: Best Cookies on Earth

If you have never had brown butter cookies before, then I think it is safe to say you probably have not lived, they are really that good. I stumbled upon this place once when I was in downtown Santa Barbara. A shop owner that we were talking to offered us one to try. Since then […]

Robins Cambria 3

Robin’s Restaurant: Amazing Lunch in Cambria

During a weekend in Cambria, one of the hardest tasks you will encounter is figuring out where to dine at the cities numerous eateries. After going to Black Cat Bistro the night before and having a fabulous breakfast at Victoria’s Last Resort, I knew the lunch was going to have a lot to live up […]

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