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Bacchus Bar and Grill-1

Bacchus Bar and Grill in Irvine

In Irvine there is no shortage of good places to eat. Every corner seems to be teeming with a new delicatessen enticing you in. The Bacchus Bar and Grill on Quail … [Read More...]

Featured Trip

crescent city lighthouse-1

Eureka to Crescent City & Oregon State Line: Roadtrip Guide

This is the third of my road trip posts and you can see San Francisco to Mendocino here and Mendocino to Eureka here. For this day I drove from Eureka to Crescent … [Read More...]

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pch coastline-1

Mendocino or Fort Bragg to Eureka: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip Guide

This is part of my PCH stops blog, find the previous day from San Francisco to Mendocino here and Eureka to Crescent City here. Today started out early as we wanted to have the most light for our time in the Avenue of the Giants. This drive itself is a beautiful combination of coastal views in […]

salmon creek state park-1

San Francisco to Mendocino: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip Guide

Driving from San Francisco to Mendocino is one of the longer drives you can do on PCH. While the miles itself are not overly long the drive is on a lot of really windy roads that will take a long time to complete. That being said it never is boring as the locations and views are […]

Patrick Point State Park-3

Patrick Point State Park: Wedding Rock & Sumeg Indian Village

Patrick Point State Park is a park dedicated to recreating and preserving the Native American history in this part of Northern California. They have a recreated village that still serves as a place for tribes to continue their traditions and a beautiful overlook called Wedding Rock that functions as a focal point for the park […]

Glass Beach-11

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg: Where the Ocean Took Trash and Gave Back Beauty

Ever since I started this blog I have always wanted to visit Glass Beach. The way that the small pieces of sea glass wash up on the shore made it onto my California bucket list and has not left. Maybe this is why, while it was awesome, it did not live up to my expectations. I […]

Tree of Mystery-1

Trees of Mystery: Giant Paul Bunyan, Crazy Trees and a Gondola Ride

File this under one of the best road trip spots I have ever seen. From the minute it comes into view, the 60 foot Paul Bunyan statue and his 30 foot ox sidekick beckon the weary traveler to come sit at their feet and hear their tales. I have seen these statues before and I was […]

Hensels Seafood and Deli 4

Hensel’s Seafood and Deli: Best Fish Tacos Ever

In the small coastal town of Crescent City sits one of the best fish taco places I have ever been to in my entire life. The spot itself is literally the size of a small motor home and it has three stools to eat at. To me this adds to the charm though as you […]

fern canyon-19

Fern Canyon: A Majestic Hike in Northern California

Lets get this out there in the beginning, Fern Canyon is one of the best 1 mile hikes you can do anywhere in California, if not the entire United States. It is a cornucopia of lush plant life, a slow-moving stream and a canyon that has been featured in movies ranging from The Lost World to Tree of […]

Trinidad Lighthouse-11

Trinidad Head Lighthouse Memorial

In the small fishing village of Trinidad, the entire town is a National Landmark, sits a small but beautiful lighthouse. This lighthouse was moved off the hill nearby it to its current location and overlooks stunning coastline while it stands as a serene monument. It is a great 15 minute stop during a road trip […]

death valley dunes-1

Death Valley National Park Travel Guide: Hiking, Camping, Food & Historical Sites

Death Valley National Park is one of the biggest parks in California by sheer size. It is desolate and hot with a beauty that beckons the adventurer to come and explore its majestic desert valley.  I have been on weekend trips and day trips here and to even get a taste of the massive park […]

New Years Queen Mary-9

New Year’s Eve on the Queen Mary in Long Beach

I freely admit, I have never been one to do too much on New Years Eve. I always stay up to see the ball drop but usually it is in the comfort of my home. That being said, I have always wanted to go to the Queen Mary as a night on the famous cruise […]

Founders Grove-4

Founders Grove in the Avenue of the Giants

Located along the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California, Founders Grove is one of my favorite places I have ever been to in California. This short half mile hike has so much beautiful green moss and massive redwoods that its hard to want to leave at all. If you need more recommendations for the […]

Pelican State Beach-13

Pelican State Beach: Last Beach in California

As the Northernmost state beach in California, Pelican State Beach is a small, beautiful and eerie stretch of sand. It is located only 3 minutes drive from the Oregon border and with no sign leading to it and a road that looks like it hasn’t been maintained in year it is a remote but beautiful place to […]

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