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last bookstore 9

The Last Bookstore: Keeping the Art of Book Shopping Alive in Los Angeles

With the advent of the internet and stores like Amazon, it has been a hard time for traditional bookstores and many big brands have fallen along the wayside. There … [Read More...]

Featured Trip

Paliament Chocolate 5

Parliament Chocolate: Bean to Bar Shop in Redlands

Parliament Chocolate is a small, new chocolate shop that just opened a couple of months ago in Redlands. Currently this quaint little shop is only selling its … [Read More...]

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Hollywood Forever Cemetery 8

Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Spots to See at the Resting Place of the Stars

Located right off Hollywood Blvd, two minutes from the 101 freeway, this cemetery is a favorite resting place for the rich and famous and a treasured park for everyone else. During the summer you can watch movies in its grass areas, and during the winter you can stroll the gardens for an escape from the […]

Avocado Festival 2

Avocado Festival in Carpenteria

On the way home from a weekend in Santa Barbara we saw that the annual Carpenteria Avocado festival was happening. Since we didn’t have a time we needed to be home we figured we might as well check it out. I know this post is super late to review this event but hopefully it will […]


The Fremont Diner in Sonoma: Great Food & a Unique Location

This post is a guest post from Nate Ok, Ill admit it. As we pulled into the dirt parking lot, I immediately wrote off The Fremont Cafe. From the street, it didn’t have a lot going for it.  It was off the beaten path, the building looked delapidated,  and the parking was half dirt and […]

Burgers and Brew 9

Burgers and Brew in Chico

Downtown Chico is a fun college town with a lot of hip eateries as well as shopping and of course Sierra Nevada Brewery. On a recent drive through the area I got to stop at Burgers and Brews and it was so good I needed to write a post on it to tell others. Details […]

Spreckles Organ Pavillion 6

Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park San Diego

As a very unique piece of Southern California history, the Spreckels Organ has been in use in San Diego for almost 100 years. It is a large outdoor auditorium where you can listen to beautiful organ music during its weekly summer concert or simply admire the sheer size of one of the worlds largest outdoor […]

la marathon 61

LA Marathon 2014 Review: Race & Expo from a First Time Runner

About 5 months ago I bit off a challenge to run the LA Marathon for charity. I am by no means a runner, my first training run a short 5 months ago was 2 miles at 16 minute miles, after which I proceeded to lay in the grass and recover. I have moved to about […]

paramount ranch 7

Paramount Ranch: Old Movie Town in Agoura Hills

Tucked in the same hills of Malibu that houses the magical Old Place Restaurant and the massive Hindu Temple, is a unique cowboy town that was literally created for the moves. The Paramount Ranch is a free park that you can pull up to and explore, when they are not filming of course, and that has […]

Old Place 7

Old Place Restaurant: Amazing Cinnamon Rolls in Agoura Hills

I love breakfast food. I could literally eat it for every meal of the day. From donuts to cereal to eggs and bacon, it is all good. So when I get a tip that there is a good breakfast place, I have to check it out. Even if the aforementioned place is hidden in the […]


Los Pinos Summit and the Story of the Sexy Bikini Panda

By now, if you read my blog, you know that I love hiking and exploring, but I am not someone who is motivated by taking down peaks as much as I am motivated by finding something unique to experience on my hike. So this post is about the hike to Los Pinos and Second Summit […]

Ritual Brewing Company 4

Ritual Brewing Company

In a small corner of the Inland Empire, near an old amusement park with a constant identity problem, is a commercial area that is home to Ritual Brewing Company. Much like its more famous Redlands brother, Hanger 24, Ritual has come onto the scene strong, quickly making a name for itself and producing some of […]

Apple Pan Hamburgers 11

The Apple Pan: 60 Years of Historic Hamburgers & Voted Best in America

The Apple Pan, a place that most have heard of but few have ventured. As a burger fan myself I even went 28 years of my life without trying what many places dub the best burger in the entire United States. That seems like a pretty big claim to me and since I had already […]

stans donuts 1

Stan’s Doughnuts in Westwood Village

It’s not everyday that you get to try a donut shop with so much pedigree (always in the top donuts of LA), that also shares its tiny 20 square foot space with a Flamebroiler. I guess you can kill two birds with one stone right? Stan’s Donuts on the corner of Broxton and Weyburn is […]

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