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Dana Point to Malibu: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip Guide

Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most beautiful drives in the entire United States, if not the world. You can read all about the attractions on this drive by … [Read More...]

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Ranchita Yeti 5

Ranchita Yeti: The California Desert Bigfoot

I am always on the lookout for the stranger parts of California, so when Last Adventurer and I went and explored Anza-Borrego we decided we had to stop at the … [Read More...]

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Borrego Springs Sculptures 4

Galleta Meadows Metal Sculptures in Borrego Springs

Only in California can a State Park be overrun with massive metal sculptures in the name of art. I am not even beginning to complain though as the Galleta Meadows Sculptures in Anza-Borrego are some of my favorite things to take new adventurers to. There are over 130 and as you are driving around they […]

Anza Borrego Wildflowers-11

Wildflowers in Anza Borrego: Where to Find Them

After having such a fun time last year visiting the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve I set out to see if I could find wildflowers in Anza-Borrego. Many reports online had said they were blooming and so I asked on the California Through My Lens Facebook Page and reader Sunni told me to visit Henderson Valley. I […]

Center of the World-2

Center of the World in Felicity: Granite Museum, Paris Stairs & Church on the Hill

Located in the South East corner of California, only a few miles from Mexico and a few miles from Arizona, sits the “official” center of the world. The small town of Felicity, population less than 10, is recognized by a France and a few other countries in the EU as the center of the world. […]

San Andres Trail-13

San Andres Oasis Trail: Palm Trees Near Salton Sea

Salton Sea really is a unique place. From your first view it is beautiful to see the water and the mountains but as you get closer and see the dead fish and smell the water it is not as beautiful as it was from afar. That being said I still love going out there and I love […]

International Banana Museum-19

International Banana Museum: Salton Sea’s Funniest Museum

Salton Sea is home to a lot of unique things such as Salvation Mountain and the mud pots. What you may not know though is that it also houses the famous International Banana Museum as well. I have driven by it many time but it is always closed when I go, just my luck though, […]

NorCal Strange

The Big List of Northern California Strange & Unique Spots

After writing about my favorite strange spots in Southern California I realized that there are a lot of people that like exploring the more unique stuff like I do. While I haven’t traveled to Northern California as much as I would like, this post will continue to grow and expand as I find new places […]

Worlds Tallest Flagpole-4

Worlds Tallest Unsupported Flagpole in Calipatria

This is a short post as there isn’t a lot to really say about this spot other then that I like stopping at weird fun things like this so I had to see it myself. In the small town of Calipatria there is a massive flagpole, it is so big that you can see it […]

Eagle Lake Loop 5

Eagle Falls & Eagle Lake Loop in the Desolation Wilderness

I am constantly overwhelmed by the beauty in California, and my time in Tahoe was no exception. By far though Eagle Lake was the most beautiful thing I saw in Tahoe. This is saying a lot since I saw Sierra Buttes and Sardine Lakes on my trip as well. Believe me if you are in […]

Emerald Bay State Park 16

Emerald Bay State Park: Kayaking, Hiking & A Castle

Much like Eagle Lake which is right across the road from it, Emerald Bay is one of the best places to visit in Lake Tahoe. I would even go so far as to say that if you can only visit one place, this should be it. From the view that you see in the parking […]

Donner Summit Bridge-10

Donner Summit Bridge: Rainbow Bridge over Donner Pass

On my constant search to find the best bridges in California I stumbled upon the Donner Summit Bridge, also known as the Rainbow Bridge, while exploring the Donner Summit Tunnels (you really need to do this hike if you haven’t). I snapped a few photos of it while I was there, but luckily my friend […]

Avenue of the Giants-5

Avenue of the Giants: The 31 Mile Redwood Drive You Have to Do

The 31 mile road called the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California is one of the best stretches of road in all of California. I would put it next to Big Sur in terms of the beauty that you will pass as you drive. The greens, browns and yellows will blow you away as […]

Eternal Treehouse-7

Eternal Treehouse: Fun Roadside Stop for Kids in Avenue of the Giants

Right on the outskirts of the town of Redcrest right near Scotia, sits a fun little roadside attraction called the Eternal Tree House. This stop boasts everything from a gift shop to a restaurant, but it is only open certain times of the year. When I went the other pieces were closed but I was […]

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