What it’s like to dine at Addison, San Diego’s 3 Michelin Star Restaurant

Only 13 restaurants in the United States have been given 3 Michelin Stars, and only one in Southern California, Addison. Addison, located in Del Mar, north of San Diego, is a gastronomic adventure that is worth saving up to experience. Nestled within the picturesque grounds of the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, Addison is not just a place to eat; here, impeccable service, artistic presentation, and mouthwatering flavors unite to create an unforgettable dining experience. Here is all the information on what it is like to dine at Addison.


  • Cost: ~$375 a person, plus any wine or other add ons like Waygu
  • Reservations go out sporadically. You can search for any availability here – https://www.addisondelmar.com/reservations/
  • Prepare for a 3+ hour dining experience

How to Get Reservations

I had a hard time figuring out when Addison reservations would be released and just happened to get lucky and score a random Tuesday reservation when I looked one day. I recommend checking the website for cancellations here and following the Instagram, where they often announce when new reservations are going out. That being said, it wasn’t too hard to find one if you had a lot of availability and were flexable.

Getting There

Addison is located on the Fairmount Grand Del Mar property, with ample parking out front of the restaurant. You will be directed where to go when you check in at the entry gate.

The Restaurant

Upon entering Addison, you’re immediately enveloped in an aura of elegance. The staff welcomed us with warm smiles and conversation, helping us find a spot in the bar area while we waited for our friends to arrive—a special shout-out to Patrick and Sean, who were terrific. After getting a great drink at the bar, we were shown to our table.

The dining room exudes timeless charm, with well-spaced seating and soft lighting setting the stage for a memorable evening.

Dining at Addison

We were not given a menu and began our 10-course experience prepared by renowned Chef William Bradley. Everyone elected to have the main tasting menu, but there were a couple of add-ons, like Waygu and truffles, that you could choose to swap out for upgrades.

Each plate was a work of art, skillfully crafted with the freshest local ingredients and a fusion of flavors that danced on your palate. You can see some of our favorite dishes at the end of the post but I can honestly say there were no misses, everything was perfect.

The service at Addison is nothing short of extraordinary. The waitstaff effortlessly guided us through the menu, offering as much information about each dish as we requested and offering wine pairings if we wanted those. They anticipated our needs before we even realized them ourselves, and the whole experience is like a dance, with each dish hitting the table for all party members at exactly the same time. It felt choreographed and it was unlike any other dining experience I have had.

One of the other standouts at Addison was the ambiance. Soft piano music filled the air, and the intimate seating arrangement allowed conversations to flow freely while maintaining a sense of privacy that enhanced the dining experience. Many other fine-dining restaurants I have been to have tables much closer together, which is not as relaxing. Every detail has been carefully curated to enhance your visit here. We were at the table for over 3 hours and enjoyed every minute of the experience with good food and good friends.

After finishing the meal, they offered us a visit to the kitchen, which was immaculate and quiet, even with how much was going on to prepare the dishes for other guests. It never felted like we were rushed and we always felt like esteemed guests during the whole night.

Our Favorite Courses at Addison

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the courses here, but if we had to pick our favorites, they would be these three.

  1. Regis Ova Reserve Caviar, Koshihikari Rice, Smoked Sabayon, Sesame
  2. Tom Hka Goong, Tempura Creminis, Thai Basil, Swarnadwipa
  3. Kumamoto Oysters, Pickled Rose Apples, Champagne

While dining at Addison is pricy, it was an experience that I will never forget and just as memorable as our time at The French Laundry in Napa. If you go, prepare to be captivated by the food and the staff, and cherish the memories of a truly exceptional evening at this extraordinary San Diego gem.

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