Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee in Orange County

Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee has become a staple for the Orange County doughnut scene and one of my personal favorite spots for the culinary adventure that is eating a good donut. Located only a 10 minute drive from the beach, Sidecar is a place you are pretty much guaranteed to wait in line at when you […]

Colorado Donut: Elmo Donuts and Deep Fried Oreos

I initially heard about Colorado Donut from a foodie friend of mine who had seen all the crazy donuts they make online. I was immediately excited, as I am a huge sucker for fun new donuts, so I made the way out there the next day on my way to Malibu. I can honestly say […]

Donut Nook: Chico’s Top Rated Donut Shop

I’m always in search of the best donut I can find, so on my trip to Chico I did a little research and found that Donut Nook is the best rated spot in the area. I set my GPS and made my way over to Donut Nook with high expectations, here is all the information.  […]

BJ Cinnamon: Raspberry Creme Fritters in Folsom

As you know, I am a sucker for donuts. I go out of my way to try any donut that I hear is unique and on my travels I always try to find a good donut shop to visit. When researching spots in Sacramento I came across BJ Cinnamon in Folsom and Sweet Dozen in […]

Sweet Dozen Donuts: Some of the Best Donuts in Sacramento

Located in a small shopping center in the outskirts of Sacramento, Sweet Dozen is a fantastic donut spot with donut ice cream sandwiches, croissant donuts and interesting creations like pistachio old-fashioned. This is the best donut shop I have had in Sacramento so far. Details Hours: 5AM-1PM Location: 5207 Madison Ave Suite E, Sacramento, CA 95841 […]

California Donuts in Los Angeles: Serving Panda Donuts 24 Hours a Day

I love donuts so much that I even like seeing pictures of donuts that I am not eating. This is how I stumbled on California Donuts on Instagram and had been following them for a few months before I even got a chance to visit them myself on St Patricks Day. They do a great […]

M&M Donuts: Fresh Blueberries Donuts and an Hour Wait

I love the readers on this blog, they are always suggesting the most awesome stuff for me to try out. M&M Donuts is an example of that. A few weeks ago I received an email that said “You like donuts right? Why haven’t you had a blueberry donut from M&M Donuts?” After some research I realized […]

Cafe Momma Floras: Upscale Donuts in Riverside

September 2015 – This spot is no longer open When I hear about a spot outside of the major metropolitan areas that has a strong donut game it quickly moves up the list of places to visit. Cafe Momma Floras is a small unassuming cafe, in an off the beaten path shopping center, that is doing some […]

Best Donut Shops in Southern California

I have had this post in my drafts for literally a year, I just love donuts too much, it is like trying to pick a favorite child. That is why this post has as many recommendations as it does and why it will probably continue to grow, but that’s not a bad thing, I mean […]

Stan’s Doughnuts in Westwood Village

It’s not everyday that you get to try a donut shop with so much pedigree (always in the top donuts of LA), that also shares its tiny 20 square foot space with a Flamebroiler. I guess you can kill two birds with one stone right? Stan’s Donuts on the corner of Broxton and Weyburn is […]