Point Dume State Beach: The Beautiful Coast of Malibu

No trip to Malibu would be complete without spending an ample amount of time in the beautiful landscape that makes up the Point Dume national preserve. From its sprawling cliffs to its expansive beaches this area truly houses some of Southern California’s most beautiful stretches of coastline. If you are a southern california resident and […]

Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park: An Abandoned Zoo

The old zoo in Griffith Park is one of those places I literally knew nothing about before I went to it. After going though, it has become one of my most recommended places when people ask me for non-traditional things to do in LA. The Old LA Zoo is what remains of the original LA […]

California’s State Capitol in Sacramento

The Capitol Building of California, in the town of Sacramento, is a beautiful example of Roman architecture, complete with a portico opening that leads to central dome. This type of design can be found on many of the capitols around the county, but of course most notably in Washington DC. A visit to this fantastic […]

Escondido Falls Hike in Malibu: A Beautiful Three Tiered Waterfall

Escondido Falls is one of the best hikes along the entire coast of Malibu. The hike itself is a relatively easy 4 miles round trip, but it leads you to one of the best waterfalls in Southern California. The waterfall has three tiers, one that is easy to access and two more that should only be […]

Nickel Diner: LA’s Diner and Donut Haven

I like donuts. I have posted about them many times on the blog. So when I heard that I may have missed one of the best donuts Southern California had to offer I knew I couldn’t let that be true for long. Enter the Nickel Diner. Located in the heart of what LA calls ‘the […]

The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena Review

The Slaw Dogs is another one of those gems I stumbled upon when browsing restaurants from Television shows, and let me say I was happy to have found it. With only a couple years in business The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena has been able to create an experience that caught the interest of food critiques […]

Wildflowers of Mission San Juan Capistrano Photos

One of the things I often forget about California is the rich history that is prevalent in the Missions that line the coast. There are 21 missions in California, all in different states of preservation and beauty, but the stand out of these is Mission San Juan Capistrano. I will dive into my time at San Juan Capistrano in another […]

Slaters 50/50: Most Eclectic Hamburgers You Will Ever Eat

Slater’s 50 / 50 has come highly recommended to me by at least half a dozen people. It was a small local establishment that has recently added two more restaurants and is converting people every day to its eclectic hamburgers that specialize in the crazy. On my way back from Orange County I decided it […]

Amoeba Music in Hollywood: LA’s Iconic Record Store

When it comes to record stores I am like a kid in a candy shop. I love to just browse the aisles and see what gems I can stumble on. For me Amoeba is the perfect place to do this. Amoeba Records has been able to do what many stores have tried unsuccessfully to do […]

1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach

One of the best things about living in Southern California is the plethora of beaches all within an hour drive from my house. There are beaches for surfing, camping, swimming and even shopping. Most people are familiar with the main beaches like Newport, Santa Monica and Huntington, but many aren’t as familiar with the stellar […]