Strawberry Peak Lookout

The Strawberry Peak Lookout is another gem I found simply by searching for a city + its attractions in Google. This outlook is open to the public seven days a week from 9-5 (during the fire season of Memorial Day to December) and provides amazing views of the area. In addition, I found that there are […]

Comic Con 2012 in Photos: Costumes, Booths and Celebrities

Over the weekend I was able to indulge in my second nerdy pursuit of the last two months, first it was E3 (for video games) and this time it was Comic Con for comics and pop culture. As an avid comic reader I am a huge fan of the annual meeting of all things comics; […]

Black Bear Diner: Breakfast at the Base of Shasta

Even though I have a lack of experience traveling in Northern California, many people I know have spent a good deal of time up in that region. I have always heard about how great it is to visit the Black Bear Diner right at the base of Mt Shasta for a good meal, so when […]

Venice Canals: Walk Europe in Southern California

I will give full credit to Amie for finding this fantastic spot. I had never even heard about it till we checked it out last weekend and I have already added it to my Best of California list because it was such a unique experience. The Venice Canals are located right off 25th street in […]

McCloud Falls: Visiting all Three Tiers of the Waterfall off Highway 89

After visiting McAurther-Burney Falls, we decided to head up Highway 89 and see the McCloud Waterfalls before stopping at the Black Bear Diner for lunch in Mt Shasta. McCloud Falls was a waterfall that I had seen pictures of but had a hard time getting any real information online about it or how to get […]

The Crab Cooker: Seafood in Newport Beach

If Southern California does one thing right, it would be its adoption of the beach lifestyle. We have Venice, Huntington, Newport and San Diego, all of them with their own unique style that makes them perfect places to experience the culture and lifestyle that defines California. One of my favorite things about beaches like Venice […]

The Green Barn Steakhouse: Prime Rib in Red Bluff

Twice a year I spend some time up in Red Bluff, which is a town about 25 miles south of Redding in Northern California. It is lazy little town with lots of great outdoor activities, and every time we head up there we always try to find the best prime rib in the town. We […]

McArthur-Burney Falls: A Mesmerizing Waterfall in Northern California

I don’t get up to Northern California more than a couple of times a year, so I have been waiting for about three months to see the ridiculously amazing McAurther-Burney Falls. I had seen tons of pictures and only hoped that when I saw it in real life, it would be as impressive. I couldn’t […]

Mt Whitney Portal Store: A Hikers Paradise

Last weekend we had the opportunity to travel up to Lone Pine and hike Mt. Whitney. While preparing for that epic hike we spent a couple of nights camping to let our bodies acclimate. One of those nights was spent at the Whitney Portal where the awesome Mt Whitney Portal Store resides. This post is simply to […]

Hiking the Mt Whitney Trail: A Photo Guide

I am writing this while sitting in my tent at Trail Camp with the wind blowing 20 MPH. I am trying to take my mind off the bending of my tent for long enough to decide how I am going to create a post that stands out on my successful summit of Mt Whitney, the […]