Felton Covered Bridge: Tallest Covered Bridge in the USA

If you follow this blog, then you know that I am a huge fan of bridges. So when I heard that the tallest covered bridge in the USA was in California, I knew I had to check it out. The bridge, built in 1829, is located in a county park that was built around it […]

Hiking to the Lake Clementine Dam & Foresthill Bridge in Auburn

If you live in Northern California and use Instagram then you have no doubt seen people standing out on a small rock with a large man-made waterfall flowing off a dam behind them. This spot is known as the Lake Clementine Dam, and while you can technically drive pretty close to it, it is much […]

Arroyo Grande Swinging Bridge

This is a quick historic stop in the quaint little town of Arroyo Grande, South of Pismo Beach. This bridge is one of the only swinging bridges of its kind in California and even though it has been rebuilt, it is still a fun little piece of history to explore and walk across. Here is […]

Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park & Raindbow Bridge

After checking out the Folsom Prison Museum, I would recommend heading over to the old powerhouse. This unique old building has been turned into a state historic park and in that it has been meticulously kept up. It is a great way to step back in time and see how this area, around the water, […]

Honey Run Covered Bridge in Chico

Unfortunately, this bridge was destroyed in the 2018 fires. As you know I love bridges, just last week I wrote about all of my favorite bridges in California here and only a week later I am already adding one more to that list, the Honey Run Bridge in Chico. This covered bridge is located about 10 […]

Best Bridges in CA: From the Golden Gate to Bixby, 15 of CA’s Best

As a photographer, my two favorite non-nature things to shoot are trains and bridges. I have written many times about trains here, here and here but I haven’t dived into my love of bridges quite as often. Really though, California has some of the best bridges in the entire United States, with many well-known ones […]

Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena

If you are talking about iconic bridges in California, then no doubt the Colorado St Bridge in Pasadena has its place in the conversation. This majestic bridge has been a staple of the famous sister city to Los Angeles for over a century. You can still walk and drive over it to this day. Here […]

Battery Spencer: The Best Viewpoint for the Golden Gate Bridge

If you are looking for the traditional photo you have seen hundreds of times, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground and San Francisco in the background, then look no further then the Battery Spencer overlook on the North side of the bridge. This viewpoint provides a jaw dropping vista of the famous bridge, as […]

Foresthill Bridge: California’s Tallest Bridge

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Bixby Bridge, I love exploring all of the awesome bridges California has to offer. There are so many great ones to see that I wrote an entire post on them I will be publishing this week. The tallest of all of these bridges though is the Foresthill Bridge, outside […]

Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge Hike: Worlds Largest Wooden Trestle

Only 15 miles from the Mexico border, in the southern section of Anza-Borrego sits one of the largest freestanding wooden trestles in the entire world. This bridge is accessible by a 6-mile round trip hike that should NOT be attempted without a lot of research, a GPS, a four-wheel drive car and mental preparation. I would suggest […]