Tijuana Estuary: National Wildlife Refuge

After stopping by Border Fields State Park I got a chance to check out the Tijuana River Estuary, literally on the other side of the wetlands from where I was. This park is a stones through from Imperial Beach and has preserved a massive habitat for many different birds. Details Free Open Wed-Sun – 10:00am to […]

Imperial Beach: A Museum, a Pretzel & a Pier

Located right above the Tijuana Estuary this beach city has less of the hustle that most San Diego beaches do and because of that is able to maintain the small beach town vibe more easily. Imperial Beach the city is the Southern most beach city in California and if you proceed South the last thing […]

Border Field State Park: California & Mexico Border

As I sit in the picnic area of the park with beautifully cut grass, looking over the massive fence that separates the US and Mexico, it is hard not to think about how blessed we are. In my short time at this park I have seen people on the other side just sitting and staring […]

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park: Bird & Butterfly Garden

While driving back from Border Fields Park I stopped at an intersection and saw a small sign for a bird and butterfly park. I was in no rush so I figured I would check it out and pulled into the parking lot with zero cars. Just so you know it can be hard to find […]