Tijuana Estuary: National Wildlife Refuge

After stopping by Border Fields State Park I got a chance to check out the Tijuana River Estuary, literally on the other side of the wetlands from where I was. This park is a stones through from Imperial Beach and has preserved a massive habitat for many different birds.

Tijuana Estuary 1


  • Free
  • Open Wed-Sun – 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • 3 miles of trails

The parking lot is located right next to the visitors center so I went in to ask about the park. The center itself was full of helpful people and lots of information on the birds that passed through the area.

Tijuana Estuary 3

I especially liked this map that showed how the migration process happens for the birds.

Tijuana Estuary 5

After walking around and checking out the presentation for a little while I went outside and started walking the trails.

Tijuana Estuary 9

Right off the bat I walked down to the dirt path and saw a beautiful white bird. I have no idea what this bird is but it was nice to be able to see some life here and the white was a great juxtaposition of color next to the green, perfect for photography.

Tijuana Estuary 12

I walked for another mile on the trail and passed a lot of beautiful plants but saw no more birds. There are many different benches that you can sit and relax on while you are waiting for the birds to come closer, and you can even see the hills of Tijuana from this view point.

Tijuana Estuary 21

This area really is beautiful and has a lot to offer the walker. I would love for this to be closer to me as it is a perfect example of what a habitat like this should be and I would walk it often.

Tijuana Estuary 18

Check out the rest of the pictures and get directions below.

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