Best Places for Fall Colors in California

Now I know this list is by no means definitive, and others may chronicle fall colors better than me such as this site, but I have traveled around California a decent amount and have seen a lot of epic fallscapes. For me, it doesn’t get better than the list below. Feel free to comment on your favorites at the end.

Fall in California 2

Oak Glen

Oak Glen Hike 7

This small area of apple orchards in Southern California is one of the best places in the south for fall colors. The Oak Glen Conservancy hike is utterly beautiful all year round but especially in the fall.

Bishops Creek – South Lake

Fall in California 1

This area got split on my list into two, as the Bishop Creek area as a whole is one of my favorite places in California. It is stunning in every season, but even more so when the greens, yellows, and even the whites (snow) mix to create a palette that looks like God himself painted it. The South Lake area has the incredible vista of South Lake as well as the road lined with changing trees.

Fall in California 8

I also love to take photos near the waterfall that you see on the left-hand side as you drive into the South Lake area. Plus, if you take the trailhead into the backcountry, who knows how much fabulous fall you will see!

Fall in California 11

Bishops Creek – Lake Sabrina and North Lake

Fall in California 5

Lake Sabrina is a destination in and of itself. In the last couple of years, the lake has not been full, but that does not make this area less amazing. After that, head up to North Lake to see the fall colors reflecting off the lake.

Fall in California 9

Pro tip – about halfway down the road that leads to North Lake there is a turnoff that you can stop at (if no one else is there) and you can climb that small mountain in the center for a 360 vista of the area around you, this is where the above photo was taken.

Big Pine North Fork


The hike along the North Fork of Big Pine is one of the best you can do in all of California. When the fall colors are going though, it is even better. Here is a post I wrote about hiking in the area.

Convict Lake

Fall in California 10

I love this location because the mountains create an unusual background for the lake below. When fall is setting, you can get some great colors right in this basin that will make you forget that California doesn’t have seasons.

Fall in California 3

I recommend the 3-mile loop around the lake as it will give you a bunch of opportunities to take in the deep yellows with the blue water and  gray granite mountains.

Devils Postpile National Monument

Fall in California 4

While Mammoth as a whole can have some awesome colors, I love going back into the Devils Postpile and just picking a trail and heading out. There is a lot of beautiful colors on the Rainbow Falls trail, especially. It is great to see the vivid fall colors coming up from the ground in the massive barren area where the fire rolled through years earlier. Plus, there is so much to see in this park that going to the falls is a perfect way to do it. Just don’t be there for the first snow like we were if you only have a Toyota Matrix.

Hope Valley in Lake Tahoe

Changing seasons in Lake Tahoe

If you head further North from the Sierras, you can experience a fantastic fall in Hope Valley. This beautiful area is a photographers dream and is also a great place to watch the Salmon run.

San Gorgonio Wilderness

SoCal Hiker found an epic spot that he graciously let me reference here right in the heart of Southern California. Check out his post on the area to get all the info.

So there you have it, my favorite spots. For more recommendations, be sure to look here. Leave me your favorites in the comments.

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