Natural Sisters Cafe: Fantastic Vegetarian Food in Joshua Tree

Located in the middle of downtown Joshua Tree, Natural Sisters Cafe is a great vegetarian spot for a meal when visiting the national park, even if you are not a vegetarian. Natural Sisters and Crossroads Cafe have become my go-to places when visiting Joshua Tree National Park due to the charm they exude and the fantastic meals […]

Crossroads Cafe: Great Food Outside Joshua Tree National Park

Located right outside the western entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, both Crossroads Cafe and Natural Sister Cafe are fantastic spots for a meal. Crossroads itself is one of my favorite breakfast / lunch spots in the area and a place I pretty much always go to when I visit Joshua Tree National Park. Here […]

Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum in Joshua Tree

If you follow this site then you know that a spot like this is right up my alley. Noah Purifoy is an artist that I actually first got turned onto when I visited LACMA and saw some of his unique assemblage sculptures that are on display at the museum currently. After further research I found that […]

Barker Dam Trail: Joshua Tree National Park

During my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, I laid out a list of the things I wanted to do. On the top of that list was the hike to Barker Dam, one of the only areas of the park with water and the site of a good assortment of Indian petroglyphs as well. After […]

Joshua Tree Quick Stops: Arch Rock, Skull Rock, Cholla Cactus Gardens

Located in Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park is a beautiful area that has thousands of acres of barren desert with many different plant life and rock formations dotting its bleak landscape. For the rock climber, hiker or adventurer it holds miles of hiking trials and vertical rock walls to scale with days of adventure […]

Ryan Mountain Hike: Second Highest Point in Joshua Tree National Park

Ryan Mountain is located in the heart of Joshua Tree National Park, and much like the Mist Trail in Yosemite, its an epic hike, but a tough one. Don’t let the 1.5 miles each way confuse you; you will be going directly up the entire time to reach the summit of the second tallest peak […]