Kelso Depot: Mojave’s Historical Information Center

In the remote Mojave National Preserve, pretty much the only modern structure is that of the Kelso Depot. Located right in the middle of the park it is a haven of information on the park itself as well as modern bathrooms for its many visitors. It used to even have a restaurant, but unfortunately the […]

The Rings Trail in Mojave National Preserve

By far one of the best trails in the entire Mojave National is the rings trail. This one and half mile trail packs a ton of punches in only a short period and has quickly become one of the best short hikes I have been on. If you are in this part of the preserve, […]

Rock Springs Trail in Mojave National Preserve

Known as the historic trail in the Mojave National Park. This one mile loop trail is located about 11 miles down Cedar… road (the dirt road through the center of the park). When we were there the road was in great condition, but I cannot imagine that is always the case so make sure to […]

Kelso Dunes at Sunset: Hiking in Mojave National Preserve

It’s hard to believe this vast expanse of desert is located only 3 hours from Los Angeles and even harder to understand the sheer size of the dunes when you see them for the first time. The Kelso Dunes are a great place to experience something completely different such as climbing to the top of […]