Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery on the Smith River

Fifteen minutes South of the Oregon – California border is a small, privately owned fish hatchery for Salmon and Steelhead that is open to the public. If you have ever wondered how a place like this works then you can call and set up a free tour or you can just go during the hours they […]

RoboLights in Palm Springs: Craziest Christmas Light Display You’ll Ever Go To

If you follow this blog then you know I love anything that is slightly strange, so when Jill on my Facebook page told me about Robolights a few months ago, I had to see it for myself. If you are looking for a unique way to get into the Christmas spirit then you absolutely must go […]

Luffa Farm in Nipomo: The Bath Scrubs that Grow on a Bush

Yes, luffa’s like the ones you use in the shower and yes they do grow out of the ground. Now that we have that out of the way we can talk about the awesomeness that is a luffa farm. Located in Nipomo, right off the 101 freeway, the Luffa farm is a great stop for […]

Glaum Egg Ranch: Home of the Egg Vending Machine

If you follow this blog then you know I like to find strange stuff more then anything on my trips, this place is no exception. You can imagine the shock when I visit my friends in Santa Cruz and tell them one of my must stop places is an egg vending machine, but they obliged […]

Bigfoot Discovery Museum: Searching for the Sasquatch in Santa Cruz

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum, located at the perfect location in the Redwoods above Santa Cruz, is both great for the questioners and the believers alike. This small museum is staffed by a friendly man who will gladly provide you with all you need to believe in the fabled creature, why not give him a chance. Details […]

Seacliffs State Beach: Sunken Ship at the End of the Pier in Aptos, CA

This historic state park in Aptos is a photographers dream, it features a pier with a half-submerged World War I ship sitting at the end of it. This ship and pier will make you feel like you are in some sort of post-apocalyptic world where people are playing in the shadow of a broken down […]

The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz: Altered Reality or a Clever Gimic

Oh the famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, a special place full of intrigue and questions. When you are visiting Santa Cruz you will no doubt have someone ask you if you are going to the Mystery Spot and you will see signs and bumper stickers all over town. I had never been and I […]

Bravo Farms in Traver – Food, Tree Houses & Antiques on Highway 99

California is a big state and driving across it as much as I do can get tiresome if you don’t know where to stop. Recently, on Highway 99, I was tipped off to an awesome place called Bravo Farms and I can easily say that it is has now been added to my preferred pit […]

Velaslavasay Panorama: Revitalizing Lost Art

This historic theater, about a stones throw from USC harkens to the good days of technology, when a movie theater was a hand crank image or a 360 degree painting. That is exactly what this old theater showcases. Details $6 dollar suggested donation Hours: Fri, Sat, Sun- Noon to 6PM From the exterior this looks like […]

Corpse Flower Bloom at the Huntington Library

When you read this, the opportunity to see this amazing flower will have probably passed (I went August 24, 2014). The corpse flower as it is known, is a massive and stinky flower found natively in Sumatra. There have been a little over a dozen blooms in the United States and the Huntington Library is one […]