Ortega Falls: Hiking to a Waterfall Right Off Highway 74

Ortega Falls is a seasonal waterfall off Highway 74 in Lake Elsinore that is only flowing when we get a good rain. During the rest of the year, it is a popular rock climbing area that people from all over Orange County make their way out to explore. The hike is a short less than quarter […]

Los Pinos Summit and the Story of the Sexy Bikini Panda

By now, if you read my blog, you know that I love hiking and exploring, but I am not someone who is motivated by taking down peaks as much as I am motivated by finding something unique to experience on my hike. So this post is about the hike to Los Pinos and Second Summit […]

The Lookout Roadhouse: Best Breakfast and View in Lake Elsinore

While driving up Ortega Highway, I saw this unique restaurant and knew I needed to stop. Its location, hugging the side of the mountain about 1,500 feet above Lake Elsinore, was a fantastic place to have a meal. There were a lot of other cars in the parking lot when I pulled in, with some […]

Ortega Oaks Candy Store

This little gem on the historic Ortega Highway 74 has been in business, with varying owners, for over 40 years and has been a welcomed retreat for day hikers in the area and motorists driving through. When I went to check out Ortega Falls recently I knew I needed to stop here, partake in the […]