Gatekeeper’s Museum & Dam in Tahoe City

In the town of Tahoe City, right on the water of Lake Tahoe, sits a small house called the Gatekeeper’s Museum. This museum is dedicated to the house and person that manned the Tahoe Dam back in the early 1900’s. It features a complete replica of the house that was built-in that time, the beautiful […]

Red Wolf Lodge at Squaw Valley Hotel Review

Nestled in the beautiful Squaw Valley, the Red Wolf Lodge is a great place to stay in both the winter and the summer. In the winter its ski up decks provide the opportunity to ski from the hill to your room and in the summer the lush green mountain beckons you to go outside for […]

Fire Sign Cafe: Amazing Breakfast in Tahoe

On Highway 89, in the blink and you will miss it town of Tahoe City, sits one of my favorite restaurants in Northern California, Fire Sign Cafe. If you know me, then you know that breakfast is important, and if there is not a donut place to try then I am always on the lookout […]