Gatekeeper’s Museum & Dam in Tahoe City

In the town of Tahoe City, right on the coast of Lake Tahoe, sits a small house called the Gatekeeper’s Museum. This museum is dedicated to the house and person that manned the Tahoe Dam back in the early 1900s. It features a complete replica of the house that was built during that time, the beautiful dam and bridge, as well as exhibits dedicated to Native American baskets and bears. It is a unique way to see some of the area’s history; here is all the information.

Gatekeepers Museum-1


  • Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Cost: $5
  • Parking is free
  • Information from 2017

After parking in the small lot, I first made my way to the old dam. This dam was beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the unique architecture that it has.

Gatekeepers Museum-14

You can walk across the bridge built behind it and take it in from all angles. There are also a few plaques dedicated to its history and the critical role the controlling of water had on Tahoe’s history.

Gatekeepers Museum-15

The Museum

Gatekeepers Museum-13

After checking out the dam, we headed into the museum. The entrance to the museum has a small shop with lots of bear-related items, and it is also where you can pay your fee.

The Museum

Gatekeepers Museum-2

The first area was a big room of glass cabinets dedicated to Native American baskets. These baskets were well crafted and beautiful.

Gatekeepers Museum-3

From here, you enter the replica of the Gatekeepers cabin. It was meticulously created to mimic the cabin that was destroyed in the fire of 1980, and it is beautiful.

Gatekeepers Museum-9

Inside there are many different exhibits dedicated to the cabin’s history as well as the area’s history.

Gatekeepers Museum-6

The first thing that I saw was a stuffed bear and skull next to a video that talked about the bears in the area.

Gatekeepers Museum-8

From there, they had an exhibit on the Winter Olympics, which was held close to here in Squaw Valley back in 1960. It was cool to see, especially seeing the old ski lift chair they had as well as other memorabilia.

Gatekeepers Museum-11

From there, I proceeded upstairs, and honestly, I am not sure what they were doing with this area. There was some information on different presidents, as well as some things for children to interact with, but honestly, it did not have a lot of purpose to me.

Gatekeepers Museum-16

All in all, this is a unique museum with some interesting exhibits and history. It is worth it if you are into anything that I described above, but if you are not, then you can probably skip this one after seeing the dam. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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