Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks

Located in the Conejo Valley, near the different but beautiful Botanical Gardens, sits an amazing spot that showcases the unique plants and gardens from all over the world. This free attraction is a perfect place for a stroll on a date or just to clear your mind and relax in the tranquility the plants provide. The gardens are […]

Sabor Cocina Mexicana in Thousand Oaks

California is home to some of the best Mexican food in the United States. Everything from hole in the wall spots to upscale foodie establishments can be found up and down the state. Sabor Cocina Mexicana falls somewhere right in the middle and it is a great place to be. From the moment you walk […]

Conejo Valley Botanical Gardens

I love visiting new cities and seeing the ways that they create amazing public places for the residents that live there. In Riverside we have the fantastic Mt Rubidoux and in Conejo Valley they have a bunch of spots, but one of the best for a whole family adventure is the botanic gardens. Details Cost […]