Petrified Forest: The World’s Largest Petrified Trees

As one of the two unique spots in Calistoga, with the Old Faithful Geyser, the Petrified Forest is a great visit if you are in the area. I will be the first to admit that I didn’t fully understand petrified trees before my visit to this spot, but after seeing them I can appreciate how unique […]

Old Faithful Geyser of California: A Unique Attraction in Calistoga

In the city of Calistoga, North of Napa, sits a bunch of unique attractions such as Castello di Amorosa (the castle winery), Petrified Forrest and Old Faithful Geyser. I recommend going to each of these attractions if you have time, but the Old Faithful Geyser is definitely one of the better ones. I was initially worried […]

General Sherman Tree: The Largest Tree on Earth by Volume

Sequoia National Park is home the largest tree in the entire world (by trunk volume) named General Sherman and along with Moro Rock it is one of the most popular attractions in the entire park. During the summer months it is accessed by the park tram which drops you off a tenth of a mile […]

Vasquez Rocks: Movie Locations, Hiking & Wildlife

The Vasquez Rocks are located in a 900 acre park in Northern Los Angeles known for its wildlife and its awe inspiring monoliths. These unique rocks have shared many a big and small screen in some of our favorite movies (Blazing Saddles anyone). Yet they are easily accessible at an awesome county park that is also […]

Wildflowers in Anza Borrego: Where to Find Them

After having such a fun time last year visiting the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, I set out to see if I could find wildflowers in Anza-Borrego. Many reports online had said they were blooming and so I asked on the California Through My Lens Facebook Page and reader Sunni told me to visit Henderson Valley. I […]

San Andres Oasis Trail: Palm Trees Near Salton Sea

Salton Sea really is a unique place. From your first view it is beautiful to see the water and the mountains but as you get closer and see the dead fish and smell the water it is not as beautiful as it was from afar. That being said I still love going out there and I love […]

Avenue of the Giants: The 31 Mile Redwood Drive You Have to Do

The 31-mile road called the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California is one of the best stretches of highway in all of California. I would put it next to Big Sur in terms of the beauty that you will pass as you drive. The greens, browns, and yellows will blow you away as you […]

Giant Tree and Flat Iron Tree in Avenue of the Giants

In the middle of Avenue of the Giants there is a turn off for Bull Creek Flats Road, a road that leads you down to one of the biggest trees in the entire area. I was unsure of what was in store for me but figured I needed to see what the biggest tree looked like […]

Lady Bird Johnson Grove in Redwoods National Park

In Northern California there are so many redwood groves that they tend to blur into one another, all of them equally amazing. There are a few that standout though like Founders Grove in Avenue of the Giants and Lady Bird Johnson’s Grove in Redwood National Park. After stopping at the Redwood National Park visitor center […]

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg: Where the Ocean Took Trash and Gave Back Beauty

Ever since I started this blog I have always wanted to visit Glass Beach. The way that the small pieces of sea glass wash up on the shore made it onto my California bucket list and has not left. Maybe this is why, while it was awesome, it did not live up to my expectations. I […]