Avenue of the Giants: The 31 Mile Redwood Drive You Have to Do

The 31-mile road called the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California is one of the best stretches of highway in all of California. I would put it next to Big Sur in terms of the beauty that you will pass as you drive. The greens, browns, and yellows will blow you away as you […]

Giant Tree and Flat Iron Tree in Avenue of the Giants

In the middle of Avenue of the Giants there is a turn off for Bull Creek Flats Road, a road that leads you down to one of the biggest trees in the entire area. I was unsure of what was in store for me but figured I needed to see what the biggest tree looked like […]

Lady Bird Johnson Grove in Redwoods National Park

In Northern California there are so many redwood groves that they tend to blur into one another, all of them equally amazing. There are a few that standout though like Founders Grove in Avenue of the Giants and Lady Bird Johnson’s Grove in Redwood National Park. After stopping at the Redwood National Park visitor center […]

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg: How to See this Unique Beach

Glass Beach is a popular attraction in Fort Bragg, California where the beach is covered in small pieces of smoothed glass. The glass comes from the fact that this area was a dump site for trash in the early to mid-1900’s and over the years the ocean smoothed and broke down the glass to what it […]

Trees of Mystery: Giant Paul Bunyan, Crazy Trees and a Gondola Ride

File this under one of the best road trip spots I have ever seen. From the minute it comes into view, the 60 foot Paul Bunyan statue and his 30 foot ox sidekick beckon the weary traveler to come sit at their feet and hear their tales. I have seen these statues before and I was […]

Fern Canyon: A Majestic Hike in Northern California

Lets get this out there in the beginning, Fern Canyon is one of the best 1 mile hikes you can do anywhere in California, if not the entire United States. It is a cornucopia of lush plant life, a slow-moving stream and a canyon that has been featured in movies ranging from The Lost World to Tree of […]

Founders Grove in the Avenue of the Giants

Located along the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California, Founders Grove is one of my favorite places I have ever been to in California. This short half mile hike has so much beautiful green moss and massive redwoods that its hard to want to leave at all. If you need more recommendations for the […]

Pygmy Forest of Mini Trees in Van Damme State Park

Have you ever wanted to see a forest of 100-year-old trees less than a few feet tall? If you haven’t then you must check out the Pygmy Forest in Van Damme State Park. This coastal gem is a 1/4 mile, wheelchair accessible platform that winds its way through the mini forest and gets you up […]

Shine Drive-Thru Tree in the Avenue of the Giants

While driving the Avenue of the Giants I saw a sign for a drive though tree and immediately pulled over. I had never done this before so it seemed like a fun picture to have. Side note, at the end of this trip I had driven through three trees though and it was still fun. […]

Natural Bridges State Beach: A Beach & A Sunset You Will Never Want To Leave

Oh Pacific Coast Highway, why are you so amazing? This small beach located 2 minutes off Highway One in Santa Cruz holds a rock arch that would even put Pfieffer State Beach to shame. It is a majestic and beautiful full arch about 15 feet out in the water that haunts you with its beauty and […]