Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park

Located 5 minutes from Black Chasm Cavern, Grinding Stone State Park shows the history of the native Americans in this area and is a great quick stop with lots of history. Details 8 dollars to park Open sunrise to sunset History  The native name for the site is “Chaw’se” which is the Miwok word for […]

Amboy Crater: Hiking Through a Lava Field to a Volcano

I am a huge fan of both Route 66 and hiking, so when I heard about a unique hike on Route 66, I knew I had to get out there. Located literally in the middle of nowhere, near the small town of Amboy, sits this massive volcano known as the Amboy Crater. Details 3 miles […]

Partington Cove: A Beautiful Hike in Big Sur

Partington Cove is just another unmarked turn off on the beautiful Big Sur coastline that has something awesome to see. There is a gate and small dirt turn out, but if you don’t know what you were looking for you would quickly pass right by it. Doing that would be a mistake though as this short, […]

Devils Postpile National Monument

One of the more iconic places in California, Devils Postpile, which used to be part of Yosemite, is a collection of massive rocks that seemingly jut out of the earth surface. This short hike is one of the most unique in an area that is filled with beautiful things. Details 10 dollars to enter .4 […]

Boiling Mud Pots of the Salton Sea

If you are wanting to see something really unique in a area full of unique things ( Salvation Mountain and dead fish on the beach anyone?) make sure to find your way over to the Salton Sea mud pots. I do have to put a disclaimer that people have said the ground is not to […]

Subway Cave: Old Lava Tube in Lassen National Forrest

This subway cave, outside of Lassen National Park, is one of the largest, easily accessible lava caves in the world. It is literally a two-minute walk from the parking lot to the entrance and doesn’t worry, even if you are claustrophobic like me, you should do OK in this cave as it is wide open […]

Golden Trout Wilderness and Cottonwood Lakes

The Cottonwood Lakes and Golden Trout Wilderness in the Eastern Sierras are one of those places that helped to grow my love for adventure travel in California. The Eastern Sierras themselves are full of adventures to be had, with some only 30 minutes off the main Highway 395. This is one of those experiences as […]

Trona Pinnacles: A National Natural Landmark

The Trona Pinnacles, about 25 minutes east of Ridgecrest in the middle of nowhere, are one of those places that have to be seen to be believed. Like the Alabama Hills, it is hard to do justice to the sheer beauty of these massive rock structures that jot a landscape that is almost entirely barren and flat. Just the […]

Bird Rock off Laguna Beach

This large rock that juts off the North side of Main Beach in Laguna is a beautiful example of the habitats that shore birds live on and is part of the California National Coastal Monument. The California Coastal National Monument is a collection of 20,000 small islands and rocks off the coast that are protected and […]

Mono Lake: Tufas, Alkali Flies and Shorebirds

Mono Lake is a unique circular body of water located at the bottom of a basin that has allowed water to collect for thousands of years but has no exit to let that water back out. Because of this, high levels of salt can accumulate, and the water is only able to sustain a specific type of […]