Avalon Day Trip: What to do on Catalina Island

One of the unique things about Southern California is the quick and easy access to the coastal islands ranging from Catalina to the Channel Islands National Park. You can make a day trip out of visiting these, and doing so will give you insight into a culture and lifestyle that is similar yet different from […]

Wrigley Botanical Gardens & Memorial on Catalina Island

At the top of Avalon Canyon Road in Avalon is the 37 acres of gardens William Wrigley Jr¬†created while he was on the island in the mid 1900’s. While many people complain that there is not a lot of diversity in the plants, there is a quiet beauty in the simplicity and style of the […]

Will Richards Studio: Fun Art House in Avalon, Catalina

As you know I love strange places much more than the normal tourist traps. Places like East Jesus, Salvation Mountain and others like this are much more fun to photograph for me. So when I turned a corner in Avalon and found Will Richards Studio I knew I was in for a treat. Details Free […]