Will Richards Studio: Fun Art House in Avalon, Catalina

As you know I love strange places much more than the normal tourist traps. Places like East Jesus, Salvation Mountain and others like this are much more fun to photograph for me. So when I turned a corner in Avalon and found Will Richards Studio I knew I was in for a treat. Information from 2015, this spot may not be open anymore

Catalina Art House 3


  • Free to enter but accepts donations
  • Open from 1PM to 6PM

As I was walking back from the Wrigley Gardens, right across from the golf course, I caught sight of a tree of shoes or bones or something out of the corner of my eye and went in to inspect it.

Catalina Art House 15

When I got there I realized it was an art gallery and that it was one you could enter. We walked up, read the signs informing us to come in and ascended the steeps into the main area of the gallery.

Catalina Art House 7

Right away it is a total overload for the senses, there is so much to look at that it is hard to know where to start. We just walked in and went into the first room which informed us this is a place of art and that it accepts donations, plus you can buy the art as well.

Catalina Art House 5

As we were walking around the man himself stuck his head out from the roof and said “hello, feel free to walk around and look,” then disappeared and we didn’t see him again. Since we didn’t see him the rest of the time I have no idea the history of this 39 year old gallery, but we heeded his advice and walked around. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Catalina Art House 9

Catalina Art House 12

Catalina Art House 13

Catalina Art House 14

All in all this was one of my favorite things I found on Avalon. It is a fun display of one mans’ artistic nature and I will for sure go back next time I am in the area to see what new stuff he has made. I will leave this post with an image of the door we left under as I feel it is fitting. “Go in Peace,” and feel free to leave a comment below.

Catalina Art House 4

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