Southwest Museum of the American Indian: LA’s First Museum

The Southwest Museum of the American Indian, created by Charles Lummis in 1907, was the first museum ever set up in Los Angeles. So if for nothing else, then you need to see it to experience that unique history. The museum is currently going through a renovation, and there is only one main exhibit that you can see. That being said, there is a garden, old tunnels and beautiful views from the deck so here is all the information so you can check it out yourself.

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  • Free
  • Only open on Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Location: 234 Museum Dr. Mt. Washington, Los Angeles, California

Getting There

The Southwest Museum is located off of Highway 110 which is one of the oldest freeways in the entire United States. There is a ton of history just for this freeway, so it is worth driving and visiting some of the historic sites. After getting off on Avenue 43, you will head over the road then follow the signs to the museum. It is located on the top of a small hill, and the driveway is a little steep so watch out for other cars.

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The museum has a large parking lot from which you can explore the surrounding area. Remember, it is only open on Saturdays though.

The Museum

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On the way in there are a few neat pieces of metal art that depict different important native American traditions.

southwest museum-2

There is also a garden with succulents and other native plants from the area.

southwest museum-3

Walking in I was met by a docent who explained the process the museum was going through and told me where to go.

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There is only one main room currently, and it is dedicated to pottery. The pieces they have on display here are fantastic though, and it tells a story of how pottery has changed over the centuries.

southwest museum-5

I don’t usually enjoy these types of exhibits but the pieces were beautiful, so I was into it.

southwest museum-6

From here you can head downstairs where there are a few more displays with different tools used by the archeologists to uncover these pieces.

southwest museum-7

Outside of the downstairs level is the Hopi Trail which is a short little trail that has a lot of plants from the area and which is nice for a small walk.

southwest museum-11

The balcony here is also a great place to get a view of the town from above.

southwest museum-10

The last thing you need to check out before you leave is the tunnel. You can take the elevator from the lower story down to the entrance to the tunnel, which is a way to enter the museum itself.

southwest museum-9

The tunnel is fascinating, and I enjoyed exploring it, even though it is a little eerie being down there by yourself.

southwest museum-8

Make sure to walk all the way out to the end of the tunnel as you can see the exterior facade which is super unique.

After that head back up the elevator and out of the museum. All in all, this is a cool spot with not a lot to see currently, but which should be on your list for all of the history it provides. Let me know if you have been in the comments and what you thought.

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  • Amazing. I’ve never been to that museum and had no clue it was the first in the area. Adding it to my SoCal to do list. (Love tunnel exploration, too!)

    • Thanks for the comment! Yea it is a fun but really quick stop since there is not a lot there currently. Be sure to note when it is open since it is not often. It is worth the visit though!

      • flyr

        I think open Saturdays only now. Magnificent piece of architecture