Jamestown Hotel: Staying & Dining in a Historic Jamestown

I didn’t know it before my time here, but I have fallen in love with these old hotels. The style and history that they encompass is incredibly fun to be a part of. Jamestown Hotel may be my favorite of the bunch though as it has all of the old time vibes with a few […]

Railtown 1897 State Park in Jamestown: Exploring Movie Locations & Trains

In the historic city of Jamestown, there is a popular train rehabilitation¬†center known as Railtown 1897 State Park. This unique park houses tons of different types of historical trains and actually features an entire garage that is dedicated to their restoration and preservation. While it is like other state parks in that it could use […]

Three Winter Weekend Adventures for Bay Area Explorers

When living in the Bay Area, it can be easy to forget how close the Sierra Nevada mountains are and how many awesome opportunities they hold. I know that in San Francisco I love driving the coast, exploring the rich culinary scene and wandering Muir Woods, but I also like getting out of the area […]