High Peaks Trail to Bear Gulch in Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is mainly known for the two caves that it has, but if you go and don’t visit the High Peaks, then you are missing out. The High Peaks Trail is one of the best hikes I have been on in a while; it is just so unique and beautiful at each turn. […]

Bear Gultch Cave & Reservoir in Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is home to not one, but two unique caves; both of which are made by cave-ins and not by lava flow like most of the California caves are made by. I got a chance to explore Balconies Cave a couple of years ago but finally got to check off Bear Gulch Cave […]

Mission San Juan Bautista: California’s 15th Mission

Mission San Juan Bautista was the 15th of the missions founded and was opened in 1797. It is a beautiful example of a California mission as it has many rooms and two chapels for you to explore. The mission is a very popular one for school children as it features a lot of great exhibits […]