California Missions: How to Visit All 21 & Road Trip Along El Camino Real

The twenty-one California Missions, from the time when Spain controlled California, are some of the oldest pieces of history you can visit in the entire United States. A road trip to see all of them will take you over 600 miles from San Diego to Sonoma, and it will provide a plethora of adventure, history, […]

California Mission’s Museum & Cline Cellars in Sonoma

I have always been interested in the unique and controversial history that the California missions provided, so I recently set out to visit all 21 of them myself over the course of a week. You can read more about that here. After visiting the last mission in Sonoma, I headed over to Cline Cellars to […]

Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma: The Last California Mission

As I approached Mission San Francisco Solano after a week of driving the El Camino Real and visiting all of the California Missions, I was weary to see how the final one on my journey would be. This mission was the last of the 21 missions to be founded, and it has a special place as […]

Mission San Rafael Arcángel: California’s 20th Mission

Mission San Rafael Arcángel is the second to last mission you will visit if you are heading north like I did on the El Camino Real. It was one of my least favorite missions on the trip though as it seemed like its preservation was more of an afterthought. When I went on a Saturday, […]

Mission Santa Cruz: California’s 12th Mission

Mission Santa Cruz was founded in 1791 and was the 12th of the 21 Spanish Missions founded. Unfortunately, nothing remains of the original mission today other than a crumbling wall. The rebuilt mission is now across the street from where the original was, and it was built in the 1930’s based on a painting they had […]

Mission San Francisco de Asís: California’s 6th Mission

Mission San Francisco de Asís is the 6th mission established under Father Serra and one of the most visited due to its location in San Francisco. The mission itself was completed in 1791, and it is one of the oldest intact mission, having survived many earthquakes to be still standing today. As far as the […]

Mission San Jose: California’s 14th Mission

Mission San Jose was the fourteenth of the Spanish California Missions, and it was founded by Father Lasuen in 1797. This mission is one that had extended periods of decline over the last two centuries, but it has been reconstructed so that it is currently a prime example of the missions system in California. I […]

Mission Santa Clara de Asís: Located in California’s Oldest University

Mission Santa Clara de Asís is located smack dab in the middle of Santa Clara University and is the only mission to be part of a school. The mission itself was founded in 1777 as the eighth mission founded by Father Serra. In 1851, the mission became the site of a college, the oldest university […]

Mission San Juan Bautista: California’s 15th Mission

Mission San Juan Bautista was the 15th of the missions founded and was opened in 1797. It is a beautiful example of a California mission as it has many rooms and two chapels for you to explore. The mission is a very popular one for school children as it features a lot of great exhibits […]

Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo

Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo was the second mission founded of the Alta California Missions. In that, it became a critical building for the success of the missions and ultimately the headquarters for the expansion of the ministry under Father Serra. The mission was founded in 1770 and became a National Historical Landmark […]