California Missions: How to Visit All 21 & Road Trip Along El Camino Real

The twenty-one California Missions, from the time when Spain controlled California, are some of the oldest pieces of history you can visit in the entire United States. A road trip to see all of them will take you over 600 miles from San Diego to Sonoma, and it will provide a plethora of adventure, history, […]

California Missions Road Trip Day 7: San Francisco to Sonoma

Day 7 is the last day of missions, and for me, it only included two missions to see since I needed to drive back down to Southern California. For you, I would still recommend keeping today to only two missions as it lets you explore some other areas then drive back to San Francisco or […]

California Missions Road Trip Day 5: Carmel to Santa Cruz

Day 5 begins in the quaint town of Carmel and ends in the hustle and bustle of the Silicon Valley. Make sure to hold on to the relaxing mission feel as you will be heading into the busy city again tomorrow. Also, carve out a decent amount of time for the Carmel mission as it […]

California Missions Road Trip Day 6: Santa Cruz to San Francisco

Day 6 on El Camino Real, the missions trail, will take you from Santa Clara through San Francisco and up to San Rafael. This day doesn’t have a lot of driving, but the driving is along busy city streets and freeways near San Francisco. Because of that, always try to think about traffic and when […]

California Missions Road Trip Day 4: San Luis Obispo to Carmel

Day 4 on the California Missions Trail is a lot more relaxed then the previous day, especially if you made it to Mission San Luis Obispo yesterday. If not then be sure to head there today and check it out before moving on. For the rest of us though, read on for the full itinerary […]

California Missions Road Trip Day 3: Ventura to San Luis Obispo

For day three of the missions road trip, I would recommend that you get an early start to try and fit four missions into the schedule. I recommend this because Mission San Luis Obispo will not take you very much time and it is better to do four today then tomorrow since there is a […]

California Missions Road Trip Day 2: Pasadena to Ventura

Day 2 of the California missions drive along El Camino Real is one of those days where you will be spending more time then you probably want in the city. The missions along this section of the drive are each located in the heart of a town and its pretty crazy to see the way the […]

California Missions Road Trip Day 1: San Diego to Pasadena

Visiting all of the California missions is something that surprisingly, not a lot of people have done. These beautiful and historic places are all incredibly unique and have so much for the explorer to see. Taking the trip as I did will take you seven days to complete, and this post provides an itinerary for […]