The 5 Most Unknown Spots in San Diego

Consider this a challenge, San Diego. I am a non-native Californian. I have lived among you for a long time. I hate to say it, but I know more about your city and your county than any native. I’ve kept quiet about this for years, but when I saw this blog post on Josh’s blog, […]

Vanalden Cave Near Los Angeles

While reading and issue of LA magazine I saw this place as a recommended adventure in the Tarzana area. Since we were already out there for Cave of Munits I figured I might as well check out this half mile round trip walk to the cave as well. Details Half mile round trip No designated […]

Cave of Munits & Castle Peak In El Escorpión Park

I love hikes that lead to something interesting like a waterfall or a cave, and if you can bundle that with a summit and make it only 3-4 miles round trip then to me it sounds like the perfect hike. The Cave of the Munits fit this description as it went into a chimney cave, […]