Ike’s Place: San Francisco’s Favorite Sandwich Shop

Ike’s Place in San Francisco is one of the most famous spots for food in the entire city. Located right in the heart of the Mission District, two blocks from Mission San Francisco, Ike’s Place truly is worth the long wait that will greet you and rave reviews. Here is all the information so you […]

Lands End Trail: One of the Best Hikes in San Francisco

By far one of the best places in San Francisco for a hike is the beautiful Lands End Trail in the Sutro District of Golden Gate National Recreation Area. There are miles of trails here, and they provide fantastic examples of coastal terrain while also letting you see the Golden Gate Bridge from many different […]

Sutro Baths: One of San Francisco’s Most Unique Spots

One of the most popular spots for sunset in San Francisco is not the Golden Gate Bridge, but the Sutro Baths. These unique ocean fed baths were once a popular area for the public to play while in San Francisco. Today they have been preserved so that you can explore them, but I doubt you […]

Mission San Francisco de Asís: California’s 6th Mission

Mission San Francisco de Asís is the 6th mission established under Father Serra and one of the most visited due to its location in San Francisco. The mission itself was completed in 1791, and it is one of the oldest intact mission, having survived many earthquakes to be still standing today. As far as the […]

Battery Spencer: The Best Viewpoint for the Golden Gate Bridge

If you are looking for the traditional photo you have seen hundreds of times, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground and San Francisco in the background, then look no further then the Battery Spencer overlook on the North side of the bridge. This viewpoint provides a jaw dropping vista of the famous bridge, as […]

San Francisco Guide: Food, Hiking, Hotels & Free Activities

You will never forget the first time you see the Golden Gate Bridge, the way the modern marvel rises across the ocean is a sight to behold. That is just the beginning of the amazing adventure that San Francisco has in store for you though. Whether its exploring the Palace of Fine Arts, eating at […]

The Five Best Places to See & Photograph the Golden Gate Bridge

Thanks to James for this fantastic post, all photos are copyright James Dong. Be sure to leave a comment of your favorite spot and click on the photo to enlarge it. The Golden Gate Bridge has been the subject of countless photos by every kind of photographer who has ever set foot in San Francisco. […]

San Francisco to Mendocino: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip Guide

Driving from San Francisco to Mendocino is one of the longer drives you can do on Pacific Coast Highway. While the miles itself are not overly long, the drive is on a lot of windy roads that will take a while to complete. That being said it is never boring as the locations and views are […]

Angel Island State Park: Hikes, History, Beaches & Camping

Angel Island State Park is a spectacular grass and woodland covered mountainous island just a stone’s skip away from the urban mecca that is San Francisco.  With incredibly rich history, unparalleled location, and a plethora of expansive views of the San Francisco skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the surrounding Bay Area (just imagine unzipping […]

The Little Chihuahua: Fried Plantain Burritos

One of my friends is living the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco and he tipped me off to this epic little hole in the wall joint called The Little Chihuahua that specializes in a plantain burrito. Yep, you read that right, a fried banana burrito. I knew it was too good to pass up and […]