Sunny Jim’s Cave & Store in La Jolla

One of the many unique things you can do on a trip to La Jolla is head into Sunny Jim’s Cave. This fun attraction is a store that has a 143 step man made tunnel built into it that heads down to a large sea cave below. Since the early 1900’s it has been giving visitors access to this […]

Black Chasm Caverns National Landmark

Located about 2 hours outside Sacramento is an amazing vertical cave that you can tour 364 days a year. It is and great example of everything from stalagmites and stalagmites to columns and helicite. When I toured it there were 14 school children enjoying the cave and I wish I would have had these types of […]

Lava Tube in Mojave National Preserve

A lava tube is one of those crazy natural phenomenon that you just have to experience, and while the best one in California is up by Lassen National Park called the Subway Cave this lava tube is worth the rough road you have to drive to get to it. When I say rough I do […]

Gaviota Wind Caves

I have driven up to San Luis Obispo so many times and always loved that stretch of coast that starts from Santa Barbara and ends as you turn inland right near Gaviota. On a recent drive though I decided I should stop here and see what the state park had to offer right before the […]

Subway Cave: Old Lava Tube in Lassen National Forrest

I have to give it up to Nate and Kat for this one, I saw them visit the cave on their epic road trip they are doing and knew I needed to experience it. This subway cave is one of the largest, easily accessible lava caves in the world. It is literally a two minute […]

The 5 Most Unknown Spots in San Diego

Consider this a challenge, San Diego. I am a non-native Californian. I have lived among you for a long time. I hate to say it, but I know more about your city and your county than any native. I’ve kept quiet about this for years, but when I saw this blog post on Josh’s blog, […]

Vanalden Cave Near Los Angeles

While reading and issue of LA magazine I saw this place as a recommended adventure in the Tarzana area. Since we were already out there for Cave of Munits I figured I might as well check out this half mile round trip walk to the cave as well. Details Half mile round trip No designated […]

Cave of Munits & Castle Peak In El Escorpión Park

I love hikes that lead to something interesting like a waterfall or a cave, and if you can bundle that with a summit and make it only 3-4 miles round trip then to me it sounds like the perfect hike. The Cave of the Munits fit this description as it went into a chimney cave, […]