Route 66 Attractions from San Bernardino to Rancho Cucamonga

Having lived most of my life in the Inland Empire, I was still oblivious to the fact that Route 66 pretty much runs right through my backyard. One lazy Saturday morning I decided to set out and see what I could find on a short stint down the historic road from San Bernardino to Rancho […]

Tioga Pass Road (Route 120): A Beautiful Summer Road Trip

Visiting Yosemite in the summer brings flowing waterfalls, beautiful views, lush meadows, and some of the best hiking the United States has to offer. While Yosemite Valley is where most of the main attractions are, a lot can be said for the often overlooked beauty of Yosemite’s High Country, accessed by the road that leads […]

Offroading in California: Top Four Areas

This is a guest post, the things mentioned in the article may not coinside with the views of the owner of this site. Use caution when attempting anything refrenced in this article. “California is the place you wanna go”, so says the old Beverley Hillbilly’s song, and with its incredibly varied topography, California really is […]

Riding the Metrolink: A Photographic Journey To Los Angeles

Guest Post by Zac For a while now I have been interested in riding the Metrolink into LA for a little sightseeing and after hearing about the new $10 Weekend Pass, it gave me just the reason to jump on that adventure and take some pictures along the way. After planning out my trip online, deciphering the train […]