Riding the Metrolink: A Photographic Journey To Los Angeles

Guest Post by Zac

For a while now I have been interested in riding the Metrolink into LA for a little sightseeing and after hearing about the new $10 Weekend Pass, it gave me just the reason to jump on that adventure and take some pictures along the way. After planning out my trip online, deciphering the train schedules for the weekend and getting up early to drive to the Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station, I left on a grand adventure, leaving before first light and getting back after dark.

My first stop was LA Union Station, an amazing train station where the traveler meets art deco on one end and modern design on the other. After getting off the train, I stopped for some coffee and breakfast and then I simply wondered around, snapping pictures and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the station at work. This stop in and of itself was amazing, with gardens, art deco design, the technology and sophistication of a modern train station. It’s also right across the street of Olvera Street which is in the oldest part of Downtown Los Angeles and is part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument.

My next stop was the Museum of Contemporary Art Grand Avenue , the LA MOCA museums are amazing places and while the art that was on display at the Geffen was my favorite you can get into both locations with one ticket making both locations a must. On this particular day they only had their permanent collection on display, but they have some amazing contemporary art and photographs that are interesting to check out.

Getting hungry from my journey I stopped off at the Grand Central Market for some amazing tacos. This market is the ground floor of a building downtown that has everything from tacos to pizza to fruits and vegetables, it’s a great stop to pick up some lunch.

After lunch I wanted to get to down to the MOCA Geffen Museum and decided to walk so that I could stop by LA City Hall. While on my way I happened upon the Occupy LA protests that you can read about here. LA City Hall is a pretty interesting place, a bit more crowded today due to the protest but it has several really interesting buildings all around it such as the LA Police and Transportation Dept, The Los Angeles Times and City Hall Park.

The next stop was the MOCA Geffen Museum, a great contemporary art museum which had a really interesting display called Under the Big Black Sun. “This major survey exhibition examines the rise of pluralistic art practices across the state.” Super interesting, I was not able to take pictures inside but I highly recommend a visit. They also has a collection of different punk band flyers from the 90’s I thought was pretty cool.

Next up was the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angel’s which is a cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in Los Angeles. Opened in 2002, it is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The architecture of this building is simply amazing, its beautiful and every step leads you to amazing views. Whats interesting about this location is its post modern look yet old world feel, its quite interesting and I took some time to wonder around.

For my last stop of the day I took the Gold Line to Pasadena (most of these other locations I stopped at via the Red Line or walking) for a little shopping and the Norton Simon Museum. Of all my stops for the day this was one of the more interesting ones for sure and I am glad I made the trip outside of LA. Beyond their European art collections which is extensive they had two really interesting displays, one on print making in Southern California and another of Asian Art which was really cool.

All together, I am surprised I was able to make it to all of these places and for only a ten dollar train ticket! It was quite an amazing trip, I am already tracking down a few of the place I missed for my next trip into LA, I highly recommend it. Check out the rest of the pictures and leave me a comment.



Directions to Union Station


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