LA Marathon 2014 Review: Race & Expo from a First Time Runner

About 5 months ago I bit off a challenge to run the LA Marathon for charity. I am by no means a runner, my first training run a short 5 months ago was 2 miles at 16 minute miles, after which I proceeded to lay in the grass and recover. I have moved to about […]

Best Places to Run in Southern California

So for the last three months I have been training for the LA marathon and raising money for clean water in Africa through World Vision (you can donate here if interested). In doing so I have been forced to look for places to complete my longer runs that are not just in my neighborhood, I […]

Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco as a Runner & a Spectator

The San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon, AKA the run with a Tiffany necklace at the end. It is one of the most popular runs in all of California and has a massive list to get in each year. Amie did it this year and loved it so we wrote a post together with her experience […]

Gage Canals: Beautiful Trail to Run or Walk in Riverside

My wife is currently training for a half marathon so because of that I have been asked the question of “where is a good place where I can train that is more interesting than our neighborhood.” Not being a runner myself, I have never looked for places like this but in research we have traveled […]