Rainbow Falls: 100 Foot Waterfall in Devils Postpile

After visiting Devils Postpile, I decided to chance a quick hike to Rainbow Falls just as the grey clouds were starting to roll in. I didn’t know how long I had, but I was already there, so it was worth a try. This 1.5 mile each way trip leads you to one of the best […]

Kings Creek Falls: 40 Foot Waterfall in Lassen National Park

Located right in the middle of Lassen National Park the trailhead to Kings Creek Falls is a great place to explore the backcountry of the park with only a small amount of hiking. It follows a creek downhill the whole way to the waterfall, so it is easy on the way down but remember it is […]

Fish Canyon Falls: One of Southern California’s Best Waterfalls

This trail is now open year round and no longer requires the shuttle I wrote about below. Check out up to date information in the comments. Update 2016: This trail is temporarily closed until fall of 2017 due to fire devastation. Fish Canyon Falls, one of the premier Southern California waterfalls, has been on my list […]

Monrovia Canyon Falls in Southern California

Monrovia Canyon Waterfall is located only 5 minutes off the freeway in the small town of Monrovia, and this beautiful park provides a gateway into a land that feels unlike the city beneath it. While this is just one of the many trails in the park, it was a nice escape, one that I wish […]

Eaton Canyon Falls: LA’s Crowded Waterfall Hike

After hearing over and over again about this hike, how dangerous it is and how many people go on it every day, I figured I really needed to check it out for myself so I could see what all the fuss was about. I set out from Riverside and got there at about 9 in […]

Bonita Falls in Lytle Creek: 100 Foot Waterfall Near Rancho Cucamonga

As far as waterfalls in Southern California go, I have seen a lot. I think if I had to pick a favorite though, Bonita Falls would probably be it. This majestic waterfall falls over 100 feet which by Southern California standards is massive. It is an excellent example of the gems that are often missed […]

Tahquitz Canyon Falls: Palm Springs 50ft Waterfall

Even after the dry last two years, you can still get out on the trail and see some of the awesome Southern California waterfalls. A perfect example of that is this 50-foot beauty located on the south end of Palm Springs. Even with an admission cost (yep, there is a cost) this waterfall is worth […]

The Big List of Southern California Waterfalls

I have written extensively on my favorite hikes here, but this list is of the lesser known amazing waterfalls that are all over Southern California. When I tell people this, they always tell me they had no idea, and that is what I am looking to fix. Even if you don’t like hiking, who doesn’t […]

Tenaja Falls: 150 Foot Tiered Waterfall in Cleveland National Forest

On my quest to document the waterfalls of Southern California I came across this gem that is pretty far hidden from the normal trails and roads that hikers take and getting to the trail head is half the battle as it includes 5 miles down a one lane road that is not really maintained. If you make […]

Etiwanda Falls: North Etiwanda Preserve

With the hike to Sapphire Falls becoming harder and harder to easily get to, I wanted to spotlight some of the other close waterfalls that are just as awesome but less surrounded in legal problems. The first on this list is Etiwanda Falls above the Etiwanda Nature Preserve. Check out my review and how to […]