Schonchin Butte Fire Lookout in Lava Beds National Monument

Schonchin Butte is one of the best ways to get a birds eye view of Lava Beds National Monument. While most trails go underground in the park, this trail goes straight up to the top of Schonchin Butte and to the fire lookout that sits on the lava rock at the top. Here is all the information so you can check it out.

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  • 1.7 miles round trip
  • 500 feet of elevation

Getting There

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Schonchin Butte is located in the middle of the park, about 5 miles from the visitors center. There are signs to note the road you turn on, and you can see the butte from most of the park. The road you turn on is dirt, but it was well maintained when I went. There is a parking lot at the end and a pit toilet.

The Hike

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Leaving from the parking lot you will start heading up on a dirt trail. About 100 feet in you will reach a register if you want to sign it before or after your hike.

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The hike continues uphill, and it is short and steep the whole time. It does have long switchbacks though which help with the elevation gain.

schonchin butte-6

The trail also has a decent amount of shade, which was more then I anticipated when I went and which is nice to rest under.

schonchin butte-7

About two-thirds of the way up there is a few benches you can rest on if you need to.

schonchin butte-9

After a few more switchbacks you will see the fire lookout above. What’s crazy about it is that it sits on top of a ton of lava rock which is super unique and which I am sure made building it hard.

schonchin butte-10

The last 25 feet or so are steps that take you up the lava rock and to the lookout.

schonchin butte-11

When I went, the lookout was open, and there was a ranger up there telling us about the history and answering questions.

schonchin butte-12

Each direction provided even better views of the surrounding park and its lava fields.

schonchin butte-13

Also, if it is a clear day you should be able to see Mt Shasta in the distance as well.

schonchin butte-16

I peaked my head in the lookout room through the window, but it wasn’t open when I went.

schonchin butte-15

After looking around for a little while and taking in the views, I headed back down the trail and on to the caves. To read about my favorite ones in the park, check out this post.

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