Mitchell Caverns Tour in Mojave National Preserve

The Mitchell Caverns in Providence State Park are one of the only show caves in Southern California. They finally reopened after being closed for over five years, and if you haven’t explored them, do it now. The caves are only accessible via a guided tour that happens two days a week and is hard to […]

Kelso Depot: Mojave’s Historical Information Center

In the remote Mojave National Preserve, pretty much the only modern structure is that of the Kelso Depot. Located right in the middle of the park, it is a haven of information on the park itself and provides modern bathrooms for its many visitors. It used even to have a restaurant, but unfortunately, the cost […]

What to Do in the Mojave National Preserve: Hiking, Camping, Historical Spots

While not actually considered a national park, Mojave National Preserve is the third largest site ran by the National Park Service in the United States. Most people never get to experience how amazing it is, mainly because it’s so spread out and few get to see all it has to offer. From camping and hiking […]

The Rings Trail in Mojave National Preserve

By far one of the best trails in the entire Mojave National Preserve is the rings trail. This one and half mile trail packs a ton into only a short period of time and has quickly become one of the best small hikes I have been on. If you are in this part of the […]

Rock Springs Trail in Mojave National Preserve

Rock Springs is a short, historic trail in the Mojave National Preserve. This one-mile loop trail is located about 11 miles down Cedar Canyon Road (the dirt road through the center of the park). When we were there the road was in great condition for a 2WD car. I cannot imagine that is always the […]

Lava Tube in Mojave National Preserve

A lava tube is one of those crazy natural phenomena that you just have to experience. While the best ones in California are up by Lassen National Park and Lava Tubes National Monument, this lava tube in Mojave National Preserve is worth the rough road you have to drive to get to it. When I […]

Mojave Cross: A Desert Memorial in Mojave National Preserve

On a little road in the top of the Mojave National Preserve sits one of the most unpopular crosses in Southern California. It has been steeped in litigation for decades and seems to either make people happy or¬†really upset them. I for one think it is a beautiful monument erected to honor those killed in […]

Teutonia Peak: Cima Dome, Mines & Joshua Trees

After stocking up on jerky in Baker, I headed into the Mojave Preserve from the north side with the idea of climbing Teutonia Peak and seeing the Cima Dome. Little did I know I could see the dome right from the freeway exit, so I knew I was going in the right direction. About 10 […]

Kelso Dunes at Sunset: Hiking in Mojave National Preserve

It’s hard to believe this vast expanse of desert is located only 3 hours from Los Angeles and even harder to understand the sheer size of the dunes when you see them for the first time. The Kelso Dunes are a great place to experience something completely different such as climbing to the top of […]