Point Pinos Lighthouse in Monterey: Oldest Lighthouse on the West Coast

While spending time in either Carmel or Monterey, be sure to add a visit to Point Pinos Lighthouse to your list. This lighthouse is the oldest of all of the lighthouses on the West Coast, is well preserved, and has excellent docents that tell you about its history and help you learn about house lighthouses […]

What to do in Big Sur: Waterfalls, Hiking, Beaches & Parks

Without a doubt, Big Sur is one of my favorite places in California. I recommend it all of the time, and if you want to see just a little of the beauty California has to offer, then you must drive the windy road that makes up Highway 1 through Big Sur. There are so many […]

Pfeiffer Falls & Valley View Trail: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

As with anything in Big Sur, Pfeiffer State Park is crazy beautiful. It is nestled in the non coastal side of Big Sur, right when you leave the beaches on Highway 1 for the roll green forest, all before returning to the beach near Bixby Bridge. As with any state park there is camping and hiking […]

Limekiln State Park and Limekiln Falls in Big Sur

I am continually shocked by how amazing the Big Sur coastline of California is. Every time I visit, I stumble on something new that takes my breath away such as Partington Cove, and while Limekiln State Park is certainly not a hidden place, it is still not given the recognition it deserves. On my most […]

Bixby Creek Bridge: Photos and History of this Iconic Bridge

As a photographer, there are certain things I love shooting, and one of them are bridges. The style and the construction of these massively elevated roads hold a special place in my artistic heart, and near the top of my favorite bridges is the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge in the northern part of Big Sur. […]

Partington Cove: A Beautiful Hike in Big Sur

Partington Cove is just another unmarked turn off on the beautiful Big Sur coastline that has something awesome to see. There is a gate and small dirt turn out, but if you don’t know what you were looking for you would quickly pass right by it. Doing that would be a mistake though as this short, […]

Big Sur: Highway 1’s Perfect Coast

I would venture to say that almost no stretch of 40 miles in the entire United States can compare to the beauty that is found in the Big Sur region of California. It is full of pristine untouched coastline, vast bridges, waterfalls, redwoods, flowers and vistas at every turn. To drive it is to experience […]

McWay Waterfall Trail: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

The McWay Waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen and one of the best in California. The water cascades down the face of the cliff and lands right on the sand, feeding the ocean itself. The waterfall is located about 40 miles south of Carmel […]

Pebble Beach Golf Course Photos

One of the most premier and well known golf courses in the entire world is a lot more accessible to the photographer then you would think. This golf course is located right near Carmel by the Sea in a very expensive area to live along the 17 mile drive. The 17 mile drive is a […]

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur: Purple Sand, Sea Caves & Dog Friendly

After visiting the McWay Waterfall in Julia Burns State Park, I was looking over some pictures of Big Sur I had pulled up on my phone and noticed Keyhole Arch, the large rock that is a staple of Pfeiffer State Beach. I did some research and figured out how to get to this park which is not […]