Torrey Pines State Reserve: Hiking Razor Point, Yucca Point & the Beach Trail

By far one of the easiest and most rewarding hikes you can do in Southern California is the plethora of trails at the Torrey Pines State Reserve in La Jolla. These trails provide a perfect backdrop for your exploration of the amazing California coastal scenery and they can be as long or as short as you would like. My personal favorites are just walking down to the beach trail to check out the coastal bluffs and heading over to Razor Point to see the massive vista and strange rock formations. It is one of the best spots in San Diego and here is all the details so you can check it out yourself.

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  • ~4 miles round trip
  • 200 feet of elevation
  • Sunrise to Sunset
  • $10 to park
  • Location: 12600 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037


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The history of the park is as follows:

“Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve has been known as an unusual place for a long time. Spanish sailors in the 1500’s saw trees growing on a high bluff and marked it on their charts as Punta de los Arboles or Wooded Point – a good reference point on a dry coast where trees are common only along streams or in the mountains many miles inland. The trees themselves were identified many years later in the mid 1800s, as a separate species of pine, and one that grows naturally only along a small strip of coast from Del Mar to La Jolla, and on Santa Rosa Island which lies off in the sea about a hundred and seventy miles to the northwest. The Torrey pine is the rarest pine in the United States and one of the rarest pines in the world.”

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When you arrive at the park you can pay your $10 for parking and proceed up the hill to the parking lot where the trails start. Here are some of the more popular things to see in the park.

Broken Hill Overlook

First I set out from the parking lot along the paved road which takes you down to the North Fork Trail. From this trail you can head to the Broken Hill Overlook, one of the reserve’s most popular attractions. This overlook is a great way to get a good understanding of the unique landscape of the park. I saw people walking out onto the point itself but I would not recommend this as it looks like it could crumble at any moment.

Beach Trail

Torrey Pines Reserve-10

From there I headed down the trail to the coast and it was a nice little walk that many people were also on. It winds around through the Torrey Pines themselves and provides many different plant and animal life you can observe.

Torrey Pines Reserve-11

The last 50 feet is all stairs that lead to the beach and from there you can literally walk as far as you want in either direction. We headed south and saw beautiful cliffs, birds and pristine beaches. Here are a few photos.

Torrey Pines Reserve-12

Torrey Pines Reserve-14

Torrey Pines Reserve-13

Yucca Point

Torrey Pines Reserve-9

After that I would recommend heading up the Beach Trail and going over to Yucca and Razor Point. Yucca Point is first so that is what I went to first. This area has amazing views of the coastline, especially to the South. It does have a guard rail though so be sure to not cross it.

Torrey Pines Reserve-8

Razor Point

Torrey Pines Reserve-5

From there you should head over to Razor Point, which is the last of the main overlooks on this loop trail.

Torrey Pines Reserve-4

This overlook is like a combination of both Yucca and Broken Hill as it has amazing views of the coastline to the North and really unique rock formations right below the point.

Torrey Pines Reserve-6

The way the rocks cascade down from the cliff face is something that you do not see very often and that you are sure to remember. It seems as if they could literally crumble in front of your eyes.

Torrey Pines Reserve-7

Once you are done taking in the views you will go back up to the parking lot on the Razor Point Trail. This section is of course all uphill since you have been going downhill for most of the rest of the trail. It is beautiful though with expansive views and other natural wonder like Red Butte.

Torrey Pines Reserve-1

If you started on the North Fork Trail to the Broken Hill Overlook then when you get to the top of the Razor Point Trail you should be back at where you parked, which is down from the North Fork Trail. All in all this is a fantastic coastal hike in Southern California and one of my personal favorites in the entire area. I highly recommend you spend some time here if you are looking for a hike with spectacular views. let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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