East Jesus: Salton Sea’s Artistic Community

Since I was doing a complete guide to the Salton Sea, I knew I needed to see as much as possible. Everyone knows about Salvation Mountain, but few have ventured past it and Slab City to the unique desert art community known as East Jesus. East Jesus gets its name from a slang term that […]

Boiling Mud Pots of the Salton Sea

If you are wanting to see something really unique in a area full of unique things ( Salvation Mountain and dead fish on the beach anyone?) make sure to find your way over to the Salton Sea mud pots. I do have to put a disclaimer that people have said the ground is not to […]

The Big List of Strange, Fun & Unique Attractions in Southern California

I love visiting unusual places. They are often the places that have earned their spot in California history simply because the owner is trying to do something new. Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated specifically to the unique stuff I visit in Southern California […]

Mt Baldy Moonlight Hike to Devils Backbone & BBQ

While the Mt Baldy area is a popular winter skiing location due to its proximity to Los Angeles, it is also a haven for many different summer activities as well, of which my favorite is hiking. One of the things I have always wanted to do is go on their moonlight hike and BBQ that […]

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch on Route 66

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a perfect example of why I started this blog. It encompasses one mans’ passion for creating something unique which lead to my passion for finding, documenting and photographing these things for others to enjoy. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is literally a forest of bottle trees (large metal pipes with bottles […]

Route 66 Attractions from Barstow to Victorville

California is home to so many beautiful modern attractions that one of the things that often gets lost in the shuffle is the history of this fantastic state. One of the most interesting parts of that history to me is that it was the end point for Route 66, the mother road. I have set […]

Madonna Inn – Eclectic Rooms, Amazing Food & Fountain Urinals

One of California’s most famous hotels is the Madonna Inn off Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo. This hotel prides itself on having no room the same, and the amount of weirdness present in the rooms are unlike any hotel I have visited. It has rooms wholly made of rock, rooms with nothing but pink and rooms […]

Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley

One of the things I like about the desert is that you find a lot of things here that would not happen in big cities. The ample amount of cheap land allows the artist especially unique opportunities to create art in the stark contrast of the surrounding desert. A perfect example of this is the […]

Time Travel Mart and 826LA in Echo Park

Ever since I first heard about this place, I have wanted to check it out. I mean, how can you not love a store that tells you it is selling to all parts of time as an official time travel mart? When I walked into the store I got even more excited because I was […]

Great Wall of Los Angeles

Having lived in Southern California almost all of my life I was really surprised that something like the Great Wall of Los Angeles would be out there without every hearing about it. Now I am by no means aware of all the crazy stuff in Southern California, but with something like this I would have […]