Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Spots to See at the Resting Place of the Stars

Located right off Hollywood Blvd, two minutes from the 101 freeway, this cemetery is a favorite resting place for the rich and famous and a treasured park for everyone else. During the summer you can watch movies in its grass areas, and during the winter you can stroll the gardens for an escape from the city as you read the names to find the people you’ve known through their movies. It seems strange to explore a cemetery, but this one has a lot to see.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 1


  • Cost: Free
  • Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Movie Calendar here (Summer only)

The Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 8

When you arrive, you can either park in the front area or drive around and get your bearings. If you are looking for a particular grave, then check out sites like this but if you are just looking for some famous ones here are my favorites.

Johnny Ramone’s Grave

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 7

Probably one of the more famous graves from the recent years, this stone sculpture depicts the legendary punk rocker shredding his guitar. It is in the back left when you pull in and can be seen from the road as you drive around.

The Weeping Angel

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 21

This grave is for F.W. Blanchard and features a young woman crying on the grave. It is a beautiful depiction of sadness and an amazing piece of art with how intricately it is carved.

Mel Blanc’s Grave

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 13

The voice of all your favorite cartoons, complete with the famous saying, “That’s all folks.” This grave is not exciting in its design but is a fun piece of Hollywood history

Atlas Missile Grave

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 14

This grave is for Carl Morgan Bigsby, who died in 1959. From what I can tell, he did not have anything to do with the creation of the rocket; it is a unique grave though.

The Mausoleum

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 11

A massive and beautiful building is in the back left corner; the interior looks like something you would see in the Roman Empire.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 10

The Peacocks

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 20

Yes, there are real live peacocks in the back of the cemetery. You can walk right up to their cage, fun for little kids.

The Massive Spire

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 12

This area right down from the entrance features a Washington Monument style grave.

The Lawn for Movies

Hollywood Forever Cemetery 18

Here is the lawn where they show movies during the summer. Make sure to get there super early if it is anything popular as these shows always sell out!

So those are some of my favorite spots in the cemetery, but I am sure there are a lot I left off so leave your own finds in the comments as well. Get directions and see the rest of the photos below.


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