Dapper Cadaver: Hollywood’s Favorite Horror Movie Prop Store

If you are looking for something really weird and fun to do in LA, look no further than this post; however, I have to note that this place is not for those with a queasy stomach or for children. It is stocked to the brim with horror movie props and because of that some of the stuff […]

Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles

For as long as I have been coming to LA, I have always wanted to visit this theater. I can honestly say that it is not something I had high hopes for enjoying, but when Atlas Obscura visited I figured I would tag along and see what it entailed. I am glad I did as this place […]

The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz: Altered Reality or a Clever Gimic

Oh the famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, a special place full of intrigue and questions. When you are visiting Santa Cruz you will no doubt have someone ask you if you are going to the Mystery Spot and you will see signs and bumper stickers all over town. I had never been and I […]

Corpse Flower Bloom at the Huntington Library

When you read this, the opportunity to see this amazing flower will have probably passed (I went August 24, 2014). The corpse flower as it is known, is a massive and stinky flower found natively in Sumatra. There have been a little over a dozen blooms in the United States and the Huntington Library is one […]

Sun-Maid Store: World’s Largest Raisin Box

Who doesn’t like a good box of raisins? Well at least raisins that are covered in chocolate. Sun-Maid is raisin king, and if you are looking for a random place to stop on a Highway 99 road trip, why not the Sun Maid store and the worlds largest raisin box. Details Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM – […]

Strangely Awesome Shops in Los Angeles for Unique Gifts

We all know about Rodeo Drive and all the massive and expensive shopping in Beverly Hills, but what about all of the unique and strange shops that must be in a place as big as LA? Have no fear, I have collected just that for you to digest in this blog. From the shops filled […]

Peggy Sue’s Diner: 1950’s Style Diner with a Dinosaur Park

After seeing the signs for Peggy Sue Diner for years on my drives to Las Vegas I finally decided I should stop by and give it a chance. This exit is also where you can check out the Jenny Rose sign and even take a trip to Calico Ghost town if you feel so inclined. More […]

Baker: Attractions at the Desert Oasis on the Drive to Vegas

The town of Baker is a place that has made a name for itself based on its giant thermometer and its location right on the 15 freeway in the middle of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It is also the main way to enter Death Valley from the south side, but I feel it is […]

Wacko Soap Plant: The Los Angeles Shop For Strange Things

Wacko Soap Plant, the self-described “2nd happiest place on Earth,” really is an excellent example of the eclectic vibe of LA. Only 15 to 20 minutes from the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills and 10 minutes from downtown Hollywood, this shop is more exciting to me then both of them are a majority of […]