Eternal Treehouse: Fun Roadside Stop for Kids in Avenue of the Giants

Right on the outskirts of the town of Redcrest right near Scotia, sits a fun little roadside attraction called the Eternal Tree House. This stop boasts everything from a gift shop to a restaurant, but it is only open certain times of the year. When I went the other pieces were closed but I was still able to take a quick peek into the Eternal Tree House which is always open.

Eternal Treehouse-9


  • Free
  • Open Sunrise to Sunset

Eternal Treehouse-8

When I pulled up to the Eternal Tree House I assumed it was closed based on the lack of people. As I wandered around though I saw the treehouse near the back of the area and went to explore. 

Eternal Treehouse-7

When I got closer I realized it was open and had a light on so I was able to peak my head inside.

Eternal Treehouse-5

While it is called a treehouse it is more a hollowed out old tree stump. The stump itself is pretty massive though and it would be a super fun place to play when I was a kid.

Eternal Treehouse-6

Inside the treehouse was nothing but a small guest book that you could sign. I snapped a few pictures then headed back out. On the way back to my car I did stumble on this amazing California bench though. I want one of these for my house!

Eternal Treehouse-1

I stayed in this spot for as long as I could, as for me it meant the end of my time in Avenue of the Giants, which is one of my favorite places in all of California. It’s a fun 5 minute stop for kids though. If you have been when the store and restaurant are open please let me know in the comments.

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