Kings Beach State Recreation Area

As one of the more popular beaches in North Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach is a beautiful place to spend a day relaxing in the sand or swimming in the water. The parking can be hard since the lot is small, but if you can find a spot, you will be in for a treat with 980 feet of amazing views and sandy beach. Here is all the information.

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  • Hours: 6 AM to 10 PM
  • Parking does cost
  • Information from 2017

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Once you get to the small parking lot, be sure to keep your fingers crossed and hope you can find a spot. If you do then congrats, if not, then there is a parking lot on Coon St. as well.

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On the 2 minute walk down to the beach, I recommend stopping to see the large concrete map they have of Lake Tahoe. It allows you to get an understanding of how deep the water in the lake really is. I always find it hard to imagine the depth of a body of water but this map was pretty convincing that Tahoe is massive and deep.

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From here, you can also head over to see if there is a spot under the overhang if you are looking for a table in the shade or a bathroom. If not, just head down to the beach.

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The beach itself is over 970 feet long, so there is a lot of room. Since this is not like the ocean, the water never really moves too much toward you unless there is wind. This makes it a great spot just to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful blue Tahoe water. Here are a few pictures and shout out to Keep Tahoe Blue, which is doing its best to protect this little body of water.

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There isn’t much else to say about this beach other than that it is a fantastic way to spend a half-day near the water in North Lake Tahoe. Let me know what your favorite beach in Tahoe is in the comments below.

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